Leaflets of the The Spelling Society.

Current leaflets.
Why English Spelling Should be Reformed 2001. Masha Bell.
A 2-page revised version (2005), a pdf file, 131kb, is suitable for printing on A4 paper.
SSS Aim, Objectives, and Six Axioms 1997. Chris Upward.
Introducing the Simplified Spelling Society 1998. Chris Upward.
Modernizing English Spelling: Principles & Practicalities 2000. Chris Upward.

Suggestions for spelling reform.
Introducing Cut Spelling 1992 (4th ed). Chris Upward.
Introducing Cut Spelling 1998 (6th ed). Chris Upward.
Cut Spelling Handbook Flyer 1996. Chris Upward.
Introducing New Spelling 90, 1992. Laurie Fennelly.
Tough, Though, Thought, c.1986. Stanley Gibbs.

Conference records.
5 SSS Conferences. 1987 Conference: Details and program.

Earlier leaflets.
The Advantages of Rational Spelling: 1. The Saving of Time
The Advantages of Rational Spelling: 2. The Teaching would be Rational
The Advantages of Rational Spelling: 3. The Gain to the Teaching of our Language and Literature, 1942 (1913).
The Advantages of Rational Spelling: 4. English as the Language of Universal Intercourse, 1941 (1913).