[Spelling Reform: Anthology edited by Newell W. Tune. pp296-298. See Table of Contents.]

SPELLING REFORM, Index by authors.

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Barkley, Wm. The Two Englishes. (Sp 65 pdf) p197.

- A 20th Century Look at the 'New English' of 1066. (S 67 pdf) p2.

Barnard, Harvie. Arson and Other Crimes. (W 80 pdf) p279.

- Causes of Crime: Illiteracy & its Roots. (F 76 pdf) p291.

- The Consequences of Serious Reading Problems. (Sp 72 pdf) p181.

- A letter to Grandpa from Timmie A. Dropout. (Sp 81) p235

- Grandpa's reply to Timmie A. Dropout. (Sp 82) p236.

- A Condensed Summary of Reasons for & Against Spelling Reform. (S 77 pdf) p7.

- The 3 F's of Education: Frustration, Fear, Failure. (Sp 77 pdf) p229.

- What is Reading? (an attempted answer). (Sp 77 pdf) p231.

Bennett, Arthur. Under the SPELL of English. (poem). (J 63 pdf) p236

Betts, Emmett A. Viewpoints I (F 74), II (W 74), III (F 75), IV (Sp 76 pdfs). Quotations from many sources. p40.

Black, Jerrilyn, & Henderson, Ellen. This Pore Ol' Mixed-up Alphabet. (Je 61 pdf) p206.

Bonnema, Helen. Also listed as Helen Bisgard and Helen Bonnema Bisgard.

A Glance Toward Norway. (W 71 pdf) p246.

- Language Reform in the Netherlands. (F 72 pdf) p73.

- Obscure Events in History, Anecdotes, Father's Biog. (S 73 pdf) p135.

- In Defense of a Separate Phoneme for Schwa. (W 79) p145.

- Modern Technology & Spelling Reform. (W 79) p215.

- Reaction to Ives' Acceptability of Reformed Spellings. (S 79 pdf) p95.

Burt, Sir Cyril. Overcoming the Difficulties of the Printed Word. (O 62 pdf) p188.