[Spelling Reform: Anthology edited by Newell W. Tune. pp296-298. See Table of Contents.]

SPELLING REFORM, Index by authors.

[Reference = Spelling Progress Bulletin: Sp=Spring, S=Summer, F=Fall, W=Winter, or M=March, J=June, O=Oct, D=December; and the year, between 1961 and 1983, e.g. (S 80)= Summer 1980.] php links go to the web page of that article. pdf links go to the whole bulletin issue. In each pdf file, click on Bookmarks to see the contents list with links.]

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Phillips, Judge Chas. M. Jr. Illiteracy - a Short Cut to Crime. (S 76) p275.

Phillips & Barnard. Our Readers Write: Letters Exchanged in re: Above. (F 76 pdf) p275.

Pitman, Sir James. The Confusions of T.O. & How They can be Removed. (Sp 76 pdf) p189.

- The Drawbacks of T.O. (F 75 pdf) p165.

- Oracy and Illiteracy. (F 74 pdf) p159.

- Rejoinder to Dewey's Arguments. (W 78 pdf) p170.

- Some Principles Governing Imp. of the Visible Lang. (Sp 75 pdf) p90.

- Why Digraphs Impede Learning. (W 78 pdf) p168.

Poonawalla, Ismail K. Book Review, by Ismail K. Poonawala, Ph.D. Toward Simplification of Arabic. (W 74 pdf) p58.

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