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SPB was edited and published by Newell W Tune in California, 1961-1983. See Bulletin Riters and Bulletin Topics. He issued an Anthology of SPB articles in Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey.
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Spring 1967. Volume VII, No. 1. pdf file 484kb
1. Letter from W. J. Reed in The Head Teachers Review.
2. A Controlled Experiment to test the Effect of Teaching Reading by an Articulated or Direct Phonics Method, by Lloyd H. Babcock, B. Ed., Helen Henrikson, Ph.D. and Dorothy Geiger, B.A.
3. Billi - he'z in trubl, by Anon.
4. i.t.a. will be t.o. in 2022, by Helen Bonnema, Ed.D.
6. Quikscript - a means of shortening the time and labour of writing and printing, by Kingsley Read.
8. i.t.a. pupils at 8 years of age, by Maurice Harrison, M.A., M.Ed.
9. Oldham Education Committee Report on the use of i.t.a. for 1961-66.
10. An Eclectic Reading Program Based upon Psycholinguistic Principles, by Edmund B. Coleman, Ph.D.
16. A Publisher Speaks Up, by Theodore B. Dolmatch.
18. The Coming Revolution in Education, by Matthew T. Downey, Ph.D.
20. Spelling and the Dictionary, by Helen Bowyer.
Book review by Ivor Darreg:
   22. Loglan - A Logical Language, by James Cooke Brown, Ph.D.

Summer 1967. Volume VII, No. 2. pdf file 411kb
1. Coming attractions and late news, Second International i.t.a. Workshop and Conference.
2. A 20th Century Look at the 'New English' of 1066, by William Barkley.
4. An Appreciation of the i.t.a. Symposium, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
7. Our Double-track Language, by Lewis H. Boyle.
10. Case Histories of Remedial Reading Instruction in the Penitentiary, by William H. Pahrman, B.S.
12. English has more Rime than Reason, by James L. Julian, Ph.D.
13. The Key to Better Education, by Brenda M. Johns, M.A.
16. Quo Warranto, by James C. McGhee.
Book Reviews:
   17. Teaching English in Bantu Primary Schools, by Prof. L. W. Lanham, Reviewed by Helen Bonnema, Ed.D.
   19. The oeldham reeders, by Maurice Harrison, M.A., reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
   20. 3 books by Marshall McLuhan, reviewed by Ivor Darreg.
   21. A Dictionary of Simplified Spelling, by Frank H. Vizetelly, Litt.D., L.L.D., reviewed by Newell W. Tune.
   22. Value of Nursery School Training, by Betty Hendrikz, M.A.
   22. Two Phonics Programs, reviewed by Newell W. Tune.
23. Needed: Research in Spelling - not Reading, by Leo G. Davis.
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Fall 1967. Volume VII, No. 3. pdf file 367kb
1. Late News: Announcement, SSS AGM.
2. Errors Children Make in Reading, by Raymond E. Laurita.
4. The Remedial Reading Program for Basic Adult Education at Oregon State Penitentiary, by William H. Pahrman.
8. Teaching English as a Second Language, via Two Phonetic Systems, by L. M. Fatti,
15. Those Repeated Objections to Spelling Reform, by David Cowell.
18. The Initial Teaching Alphabet in Reading Instruction, by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D.
Book reviews:
   22. Wurld Inglish, by Herbert S. Wilkinson, A.C.I.S., reviewed by Newell Tune.
   23. The Davis-McGuffey Fonetik Second Reader, by Leo G. Davis, reviewed by E. E. Arctier.
   23. Universala Skribo, by Manuel Halvelik, reviewed by Newell Tune.
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Winter 1967. Volume VII, No. 4. pdf file 653kb
1. Progress on the Spelling Reform Front, by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D.
2. Fourth Year Results of Study with i.t.a., by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz, Ed.D.
7. Soviet Education These Last Fifty Years, by E. E. Arctier.
9. Research Indicates i.t.a. Successful, by Ivan Rose.
10. The Fateful Moment, by Helen Bowyer.
12. On English Spelling, by William J. Reed.
13. On Devising a Minimal Change System of Simplified Spelling, by Frank T. Du Feu.
Book Reviews:
   15. The Many Hues of English, by Mario Pei, and The Story of the English Language, by Mario Pei, reviewed by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D.
   16. The Genesis of Language: A Psycholinguistic Approach reviewed by I. Darreg.
   17. Psycholinguistics: A Book of Readings, reviewed by Ivor Darreg.
   17. Children Who Read Early, by Dolores Durkin, reviewed by R. E. Laurita.
18. Some Thoughts on Language Intonation, by Barnett Russell, M.D.
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Spring 1968. Volume VIII, No. 1. pdf file 316kb
1. Governors Express Interest in Proposed National Spelling Commission.
2. California School Children Lack the Incentive to Read, by Caspar W. Weinberger.
3. The Treatment of Language Sounds and Spelling in the Design of an Initial Teaching Alphabet, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
5. A Phonetic Code Used in Hong Kong for Teaching English, by Frank C. Laubach.
9. An Experiment in Teaching Methods Using the Initial Teaching Alphabet, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart.
11. Illiteracy - Its Cause and Cure, by Reginald Deans.
12. An International Language as a Major Civilising Influence, by L. J. J. Nye, M.B.
14. The Case Against Spelling Reform, by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
16. Scenes on a Playground-English Orthography Illustrated.
Book Reviews:
   17. Four Speller's Dictionaries, and Phonetic Spelling for College Students, reviewed by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D.
   18. A Preface by Mario Pei, to the book by Abraham Tauber, Better English thru Simplified Spelling - a History of Spelling Reform.
   17. Elements of General Phonetics, by David Abercrombie.
   19. Essential Spanish by Association of Ideas, by Robert Montero.
   19. Learning to Read - the Great Debate, by Jeanne Chall, reviewed by Newell Tune.
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Summer 1968. Volume VIII, No. 2. pdf file 432kb
1. Announcements.
2 The Benefit of Relating all the Senses: Seeing, Feeling, & Hearing in the Teaching of Language, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
7. The Siberian Olympiads, by Helen Bowyer.
8. The Psychology of Mastering the Elements of Reading, by D. B. Elkonin.
14. The Super Babies - do prenatal vacuum suits make babies more intelligent? by Pat Williams.
16. Learning to Spell, by Johnson O'Connor.
Book Review:
   17. An Evaluation of the Initial Teaching Alphabet, by John Downing, Ph.D. and William Latham. Reviewed by Newell W. Tune.
18. Who's to Blame, by E. E. Arctier.
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Fall 1968. Volume VIII, No. 3. pdf file 283kb
2. Self Discovery, Self Expression and Self Image in the i.t.a. classroom, by John Downing, Ph.D.
4. Is Remedial Reading Necessary? by Raymond E. Laurita.
5. Divide and Join, by Ivor Darreg.
7. Sprechspur - a Means of Writing More Easily, by Gertrude Hildreth, Ph.D.
9. G.B.S. and i.t.a., by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D. and Rhea S. Tauber.
11. Phonics in Proper Perspective, by Arthur W. Heilman, Ph.D.
Book reviews:
   17. The Next 100 Years, by Dr. Azimov, reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
   18. The Purpose and Limitations of Phonics Instruction, by Arthur W. Heilman.
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Winter 1968. Volume VIII, No. 4. pdf file 317kb
1. Announcements. Competition Results.
2. The Slow Learner, Reading Ability, and English Spelling, by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D. and June T. Golden, M.A.
4. The Snob, by Frank T. Du Feu.
5. One of our Three R's is in Trouble - an Answer to What's Wrong with our Three R's, by Newell W. Tune.
9. Teaching English as a Second Language in Africa, by Prof. L. W. Lanham.
12. Programmed Learning, by Waldo E. Sweet, Ph.D.
Book Reviews:
   14. Learning to Read: the Great Debate, by Jeanne Chall, reviewed by S. E. Davis.
   15. The Sound Patterns of English, by Noam Chomsky & Morris Hally, reviewed by Ivor Darreg.
   16. Phonics in Learning to Read, by Ellen C. Henderson, reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
17. Appraising Reading Research, by Leo G. Davis.
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Spring 1969. Volume IX, No. 1. pdf file 310kb
1. In Memoriam: Helen Emily Bowyer. Announcements.
2. An Experiment in Methodology Using a Phonetic Alphabet, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart.
10. How Phonemic is English Spelling, by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
12. How Nearly Phonetic is English Spelling, by Newell W. Tune.
15. Ye Very Peculiar Y (The Veri Pecyulyar Wi), by Lewis R. Boyle.
Book Review:
   17. How They Murdered the Second R. by George Riemer.
19. A Petition to the Commissioner of Education.
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Summer 1969. Volume IX, No. 2. pdf file 295kb
1. From 'This Week Magazine' (of Canada). Easy Reading. English v Japanese.
2. The Necessity for an Uniform Accurate Pronunciation of the English Language, by Ellen C. Henderson
6. The Spelling Of Geographical Names, by K. H. Lavender, F.R.G.S.
7. Phonics - a Key to Success in Reading, by Jack P. Crowther.
8. Look-Say and Phonics are both Obsolete, by John Downing, Ph.D.
9. Initial Teaching Orthographies, by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
13. Discrimination Needed, by Newell W. Tune.
14. What Happens in Grade One? by Helen E. Bowyer.
15. Simply Silly, Edited by Marvin Baker, Ed.D.
15. A Headmaster's Report, by William J. Reed.
Book Reviews:
   16. Alphabets and Reading, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E. & John St. John.
   17. stAbul ingush, by Leo G. Davis.
   17. The Culturally Deprived Child, by Frank Riessman.
   18. i/t/a as a Language Arts Medium, edited by J. R. Block
   18. Growing-with-language Program, by Harold Tanyzer, Ph.D., Albert J. Mazurkiewiez, Ed.D., and Annie De Caprio.
19. Advertisement. World language. Sistemizd English.
20. stAbul inglish, by Leo G. Davis.

Fall 1969. Volume IX, No. 3. pdf file 289kb
1. From the Editor's Desk.
2. The Future of English as THE World Language, by Yoshisaburo Okakura.
11. Why Johnny Can't Spell, by Mildred Vandenburgh.
13. Shortcuts for the Improvement of Reading Instruction, by Ellen C. Henderson
17. Wealth Amplifiers, by Ivor Darreg.
18. Learning to Read - an Analysis, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart.
19. Advertisement. World language. Sistemizd English.
20. Wanted = = Crusaders, by Leo G. Davis.

Winter 1969. Volume IX, No. 4. pdf file 303kb
1. Late News.
2. Alphabet-amation (and Optical Character Recognition) by Ivor Darreg.
3. Must we always have absurd spelling? by K. G. Aberdeen.
4. The Phonics Dilemma, by Bruce A. Lloyd.
5. The Concept of Readability, by Jack Gilliland.
7. An Examination of Measures of Readability, by Jack Gilliland.
9. Half a Loaf is Better than no Bread at all!, by Leo G. Davis.
Book Reviews:
   10. The Intelligent Parent's Guide to Child Behavior, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart, Reviewed by James F. Magary, Ph.D.
   11. Spelling Reform - a new Approach, by Harry Lindgren, reviewed by Dr. Douglas Everingham, M.P.
   12. Three Phonetic Dictionaries, reviewed by Newell W. Tune
   13. The i.t.a. - an Independent Evaluation, by F. W. Warburton & Vera Southgate, reviewed by Newell W. Tune.
16. Reactions of Sir James Pitman, K.B.E., to the findings in the book by Warburton and Southgate.
20. Advertisement. The Presto Word-Finder. Fonetik Books.

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