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Spring 1982. Volume XXII, No. 1.
1. Announcements: UK Information Technology Year. International Spelling Spotting Day. New publication: Spelling Reform, ed. Newell W. Tune.
2. Proceedings of the Third International Conference of the Simplified Spelling Society in Edinburgh, July 31-Aug. 3, 1981, by Valerie Yule.
4. Index of papers.
5. What the 3rd International Conference on Spelling, Research & Reform hoped to Achieve.
5. The Spelling Exhibition at the Third International Conference on Reading, Spelling.
6. Message by the Patron of S.S.S., H.R.H. Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
6. Cognitive Processes in Spelling & their Relevance to Spelling Reform, Dr. Uta Frith.
9. Psychological Processes in Spelling Recognition and Production, Dr. P. H. K. Seymour.
10. Spelling Errors Made by 8-11 year old Pupils, by Barbara Smith.
13. The Spelling of Nasal Clusters by Dyslexic & Normal Children, Dr. Margaret Snowling.
19. Spelling Errors Made by Phonologically Disordered Children, by Dr. P. Robinson, Dr. R. Beresford, Dr. Barbara Dodd.
20. A reply to Timmie A. Dropout, by Harvie Barnard.

Summer 1982. Volume XXII, No. 2.
1. IRA Convention. Special Interest Group.
2. Reading: Orthography and Word Perception. by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
5. The First Essential in Reading Improvement, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
6. Differentiated Instruction: The Teacher, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
7. A Hierarchy for Teaching Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondences in Beginning Reading, by Earl H. Cheek, Ph.D.
9. Position Papers 1, 2, 3, 4, of Special Interest Group Members, on Spelling Reform, Initial Teaching Alphabets, and Word Perception.
17. The Functions of the Special Interest Group of IRA, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
19. The Objectives of the Special Interest Group 18, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
20. WES, NS5, RIT, TO, by Arnold Rupert.

Fall 1982. Volume XXII, No. 3.
1. International Spelling Day. 2nd Edition of book, Spelling Reform. Obituary: Hugh V, Jamieson.
2. Spelling difficulty in school leavers and adults, by Dr. Dolorez Perin.
4. The principles of Esperanto spelling, by Stuart Campbell.
5. Teaching English in Francophone Africa, by Henry Niedzielski, Ph.D.
8. The history of Spanish orthography, Implications for a theory on spelling reform, by Iraset Páez Urdaneta, Ph.D.
12. Spelling reform in international perspective, by Jesú's Mosterín, Ph.D.
15. Computer translation of shorthand, by Colin P. Brooks.
20. Spelling Reform - Pro and Con: Spelling reform - Let's be practical, by John Downing, Ph.D.

Winter 1982. Volume XXII, No. 1.
1. A Fully Planned Program for the Implementation of Spelling Reform, by Harvie Barnard.
2. Semantic aspects of spelling reform, by Neville Brown, Ph.D.
4. How to reconcile conflicting principles for a reformed English spelling, by Dr. Walter Gassner.
7. An account of the 'English Maximally Simplified Writing? by Prof. V.A. Vassilyev.
10. A research developed reform for English spelling, by Valerie Yule.
14. Commercial and marketing considerations when developing orthographic reform, by C. J. H. Jolly.
15. Spelling: what road to reform?, by George O'Halloran.
17. The inevitability of change: the happy alternative by Harvie Barnard.
20. Accolade: Spelling Reform by Newell W. Tune.

Spring 1983. Volume XXIII, No. 1.
1. Authors' index of papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Reading and Spelling.
Implementing Spelling Reform:
2. Spelling Reform as a Redistribution of Power, by Abraham P. Citron, Ph.D.
Experiment and Research in Spelling Reform:
6. An Experimental Study of Attitudes Towards English Spelling Reform, by Robert G. Baker, Ph.D.
11. The Effects of Spelling Change on the Adult Reader, by John R. Beech, Ph.D.
18. The Costly Extravagance of an Educational System Based upon Confusing Spelling, by Harvie Barnard.
20. An Alphabet for Easier French-English Bilingualism, by Arnold Rupert.

Summer 1983. Volume XXIII, No. 2.
1. Announcement: IRA Convention. Special Interest Group. Reading: Orthography and Word Perception.
Book Review by Newell W Tune:
   1. Word City, ed. Marvin Morrison.
2. Reading: Orthography and Word Perception, by Katherine P. Betts, Ph.D.
2. Word Perception is more than phonics, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D, LL.D.
3. Individualized Reading: Pupil Achievement, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
5. Reading by Structures: General Considerations, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
6. Directed Reading Activities: Strategy and Tactics, in Conclusion, by Emmett A. Betts.
Learning Word-Perception Skills:
   6. (1) Category Learning, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D.
   8. (2) Discrimination Learning.
   8. (3) Mediated Response Learning, by Emmett A. Betts.
   9. (4) Phonics, by Newell W. Tune.
9. Readability: Contractions, Conclusions, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
10. Are there Limitations on phonics Rules? by Patrick Groff, Ed.D.
11. More Obstacles to the Use of Intensive Phonics in Reading Instruction, by Newell Tune.
11. Unlock the Door to Spelling, by Janet T. Bercik, Ed.D.
13. Reading and Computer Technology, by Betty D. Roe, Ed.D.
14. Spelling and Handwriting: Is there a Relationship? by Michael N. Milone, Jr, Ph.D., James A. Wilhide, and Thomas M. Wasylyk.
16. If you're not a good speller, take heart, by Andy Rooney.
17. Spellings in Commerce: Logical? Anatheme?, by Albert J. Mazurkiewiez, Ph.D.
Book Review, by Newell W. Tune:
   20. Wm. Haas, Ed.: Standard Languages, Spoken and Written.

Fall 1983. Volume XXIII, No. 3.
1. Wise sayings and worthy quotes, gathered by Newell Tune.
2. The Sounds of Language - an Added Dimension in Reading Instruction, by Joseph E. Brown.
9. Settle Your Differences - in Unity There is Strength, by Edward Rondthaler, DFA.
10. Learning Word-Perception Skills: II Cue Learning, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D. LL.D.
10. Word-Perception Skills: III Probability Learning, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
13. A Universal Phonetic Alphabet, by Vladimir Michels.
17. Spellin' Bees are the Most Wunnerful Part of Getting Educated, by Harvie Barnard.
17. Learning Activities in the Spelling Curriculum, by Marlow Ediger, Ph.D.
19. Two Problems for English Spelling Reformers, by Prof. Thomas R. Hofmann.
19. Timmie's Reply (2nd letter) to Gramps, by Harvie Barnard.
20. Advertizement. NS8 Reading Practice. Arnold Rupert.

Winter 1983. Volume XXIII, No. 4.
1. Obituary: Newell W. Tune. Spelling Progress Bulletin to change hands.
2. The Principles of Reforming Our Spelling, by Edmund V. Starrett.
8. Understanding The Basic Psychology of Learning, by Harvie Barnard.
9. Will The Step-by-Step Reform Plan Produce A Satisfactory Simplified Spelling System? by Newell W. Tune.
10. Letter to the Editor. C. J. H. Jolly.

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