The first meeting of the International English Spelling Congress (IESC) will be held as a webinar provisionally scheduled for Wednesday 30th May 2018. There may also be one or more physical meetings.

If you would like to take part in the Congress, then please fill in the form below and click the Submit button at the end. Items marked * are required.

Personal and contact details

Access to the internet is essential as most interaction will be by way of webinar. Communication with the Congress organisers will be by email only. In the address form below, if a required item does not apply to you, please enter 'none.'

Interest in English spelling

Note: If you have designed or published or have any stake in a scheme under consideration by the Congress, you will be required to abstain from any vote on which schemes should be preferred.


You may apply to attend the congress as a member of the expert commission, as a full participant, or as an observer. The organisers of the IESC reserve the right to reject the application of anyone they have reason to believe does not support the aims of the Congress.  Whether you apply to attend or not, you may offer your services to help with the Congress. See ‘Volunteering’ below.

  • Commission status is for those who are experienced or qualified in linguistics, wholeheartedly support the aims of the Congress and to not submit any alternative spelling schemes.
  • Participant status is for those who are broadly supportive of spelling reform, wish to take part in decision making, and may submit alternative spelling schemes.
  • Observer status is for those who are interested in the event, including representatives of the media, but who may not vote or submit alternative spelling schemes.

As well as attending as a participant or an observer, you may volunteer our services in the next section. If you wish to volunteer without attending, click on ‘Volunteer only’ below.

If your application is accepted, you will receive instructions for joining the event.


Volunteering to help with the Congress is not a requirement for taking part. However, any offer of help is welcome. We regret we cannot offer payment for your services, but necessary expenses will be reimbursed and your support will be recorded in the annals of proceedings.


Thank you for your application, please check you emails for confirmation. We will be in touch shortly.