Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Journals are indicated by Jnumber, year/number-in-year, page numbers, e.g. J9 1988/3 pp7-11.
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Alberg, R. Hebrew is not exactly a language for speed readers J22 1997/2 p25.

Anderson, G. See Newsletters.

- The Forgotten Crusader: Andrew Carnegie J26 1999/2 pp11-15.

Archer, W. See Newsletters, Pamflets 3 & 4, Books.

- (1941, 1909) SSS Pamflet Nr.3 Dhe Etimolojikal Arguement J27 2000/1 pp3-10.

Asmah, H O. The Malay Spelling Reform J11 1989/2 pp9-13.

Augst, G. The Latest on 'Re-regulating' Written German J11 1989/2 pp16-17.

- Update on the Reregulation of German Orthography J12 1992/1 p15.

- Update on the German Spelling Reform J22 1997/2 p24.

- & Schaeder, B. Answering the Critics of the German Spelling Reform J23 1998/1 pp20-23.