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Baddeley, S. See Newsletters.

- AIROE: an association for spelling reform in France J7 1988/1 pp30-31.

- Spelling Reform in France: Past, Present ... Future? J10 1989/1 pp10-12.

- Progress of spelng reform debate in France J11 1989/2 pp14-15.

- Spelling: A National Sport J12 1992/1 pp14-15.

- The 1990 French Spelling Reforms: an Example to be Followed? J15 1993/2 pp3-5.

- The 'Dictionnaire Historique de l'Orthographe Française': J19 1995/2 pp13-17.

- Tribute to Nina Catach (1923-1997) J23 1998/1 p18.

Baker, R. See Bulletins.

- History of Norwegian spelling reform J1 1985 pp8-9.

Barber, Prof. M. Literacy Task Force, Correspondence J21 1997/1 p27.

- Correspondence J22 1997/2 pp33-34.

- Correspondence J24 1998/2 p33.

Barnard, H. See Anthology, Bulletins

- When Noah Missed the Boat J2 1986/1 p20.

Beech, J. See Newsletters, Bulletins.

- 'Adaptation of Writing to Orthographic Change' research abstract J18 1995/1 p32.

Bell, M. See Book, Newsletters, Leaflet, Media. Personal View 13,

- Lobbying Literacy Authorities J27 2000/1.

- The significance of the ITA experiment J29 2001/1 p26.

Bett, S. Journal Editor 4th Series. See Newsletters, Personal View 7, Web link.

- reviews Schramm, B. 'Sounds and Symbols in American English: Keys to Phonics and Spelling Patterns' J23 1998/1 p31.

- reviews Savant, M V. 'The art of spelling' J29 2001/1 p32.

- The number of phonemes in English. J30 2002/1 p8.

- Tribute to Kenneth Ives J30 2002/1 p23.

- Tribute to Chris Upward J31 2002/2 p14.

- Tribute to Laurie Fennelly J31 2002/2 p26.

- Introduction to the Shaw Alphabet J31 2002/2 pp23,24.

- The ambiguous E J31 2002/2 p27.

- The Two Stage Approach to Spelling Reform. J32 2003/1 pp4-8.

- Orthographic Goals. J32 2003/1 pp20-22.

Bischoff, G C. Romanian-English Orthographic Anecdote J11 1989/2 p21.

Bisgard, H. Bonnema. See Anthology, Bulletins.

- reviews Martin J H. & Ardy Friedberg 'Writing to Read'. J4 1987/1 p26.

Black, J B. & Strange, J J. An evaluation of the effectiveness of Sound-Speler and fonetic English in increasing literacy skills J17 p34.

Blain, R.W. See Personal View, Web link.

- Comparing Spelling Schemes. J32 2003/1 p23.

Blair, A. UK Prime Minister, correspondence J26 1999/2 p29.

Bloor, T. The Ethiopic Writing System: a Profile J19 1995/2 pp30-36.

Blunkett, D. UK Minister of education, correspondence J26 1999/2 p29.

Brazil, D. Dictionary Transcription of Pronunciation J4 1987/1 pp5-10.

Brown, A. See Book,

- A Singaporean Corpus of Misspellings: Analysis & Implications J9 1988/3 pp4-10.

- reviews Hofmann, T R. 'Crossdialectal phonology, with application to English vowels' J14 1993/1 pp26-28.

- 'Pronunciation Models' review by Upward C. J14 1993/1.

- The number of phonemes in English: not a simple answer to a simple question J27 2000/1 pp11-13.

Brown, A R. (Bob) Edited Newsletters 1992-1996. Pamflet 13, Personal View 1.

- Trying our Luck with IBM J19 1995/2 pp10-11.

Brown, A R. tribute by Upward C. J20 1996/1 pp3.

Bryant, B. 'Storyspell' review by Hutchins J. J14 1993/1.

Bye, A. See Newsletters, Bulletins.

- Correspondence: IRA/UKRA conference 1986 J3 p3.

- UKRA Conference 1987 J6 1987/3 p13.