Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

Author names are marked in bold for articles and in italics for articles about them and reviews by or about them.
Journals are indicated by Jnumber, year/number-in-year, page numbers, e.g. J9 1988/3 pp7-11.
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Eastman, C M. 'Language Planning: an Introduction' review by Ives K. J6 1987/3 pp29-30.

Ellis, A T. Lepard Speoll J6 1987/3 p3l.

Ellis, A W. 'Reading, Writing & Dyslexia' review by Yule V. J5 1987/2.

Emerson, R. 'English and its literemes' J31 2002/2 pp4-8.

Everingham, D. N. See Spelling Action Society/Australia, Newsletters, Bulletins.

- Concerning the SR proposals J2 1986/1 pp3,4.

- The Case for SR1 & Nothing Else J9 1988/3 pp27-29.

- Tribute to Harry Lindgren 1912-1992 J14 1993/1 p35.

- A Pidgin-like Bridge to English J17 1994/2 pp25-26.

- Craig R. Comments on the Everingham project J18 1995/1 p41.