Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Fennelly, L. See Newsletters, Leaflet, Pamflet 12.

- Spelling Reform Now J1 1985 pp3-4.

- Revised New Spelling - the position in 1987 J6 1987/3 pp14-16.

Fennelly tribute by Bett S. J31 2002/2 p26.

Fletcher, J M. & Upton, C A. The Use of Abbreviated English in Oxford 1483-1660 J7 1988/1 pp13-16.

Fletcher, P. Editor of Personal Views incl his own PV 2, See Newsletters.

- reviews David Crystal 'English as a Global Language', J23 1998/1 p31.

- The ultimate state of spelling reform J31 2002/2 pp28-30.