Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Jimmieson, G. Spelling Reform 1 & nothing else J2 1986 pp22-23.

Jolly, C. See Book, Newsletters, Media, Bulletins, Web link.

- The Introduction by Stages of New Letter-symbols J1 1985 pp15-17.

- Marketability of spelling reform J8 1988/2 pp17-19.

- reviews Perera, K. 'Children's Writing & Reading' J10 1989/1 p30.

- Brief reviews of Bryant, P. & Bradley, L. 'Children's Reading Problems'; Snowling, M. 'Dyslexia'; Goswami, U. & Bryant, P. 'Phonological Skills & Learning to Read' J16 1994/1 p36.

- reviews Dept. for Education and Employment: Progress of the National Literacy Strategy J23 1998/1 pp28-29.

- The 'Framework for Teaching' from the National Literacy Strategy J24 1998/2 pp28-30.

- The Jolly Phonics Story J28 2000/2 pp16-18.

- Tribute to Mona Cross J28 2000/2 p23.