Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Journals are indicated by Jnumber, year/number-in-year, page numbers, e.g. J9 1988/3 pp7-11.
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Mackenzie I. The Transparency of Spanish Orthography J15 1993/2 pp15-21.

Martin, J H. See Bulletins.

- 'Writing to Read' review by Bisgard H. Bonnema J4 1987/1 p26.

Mason, M. 'Language Awareness' review by Upward, C. J8 1988/2 p34.

Maybray-King. Lord Tribute by Upward C. J4 1987/1 p2.

McArthur, T. Form & Reform: the four great communicative shifts J7 1988/1 pp5-8, + discussion pp9-12.

McCaffrey, M. translates: German Reform: Two Years in Twilight J19 1995/2 pp18-21.

Mitton, R. See Newsletters.

- reviews Carney E J19 1995/2 pp3-5.

- Spellchecking by Computer J20 1996/1 pp4-11.

Mitton, R. English Spelling and the Computer review by Knowles F. J21 1997/1 p26.

Morris, J. Phonicsphobia J17 1994/2 pp3-12.

Mortimer, P. Charlie Fook J6 1987/3 p31.

Moseley, D V. See Bulletins.

- Steps Towards More Efficient Learning J1 1985 p5.

- 'Spelling Difficulties Limit Written Expression' research report J13 1992/2 p20.

Mudgett, R P. Donuts aren't UGHly eny mor Simpler Speling for th' 2,000'z J27 2000/1 p18.