Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Rae, G. See Newsletters.

- Dropping Useless e J2 1986 p26.

Raven, I. See Book, Newsletters, Media.

- The End of the Reading Wars? J32 2003/1 pp29-32.

Read, Kingsley. See Anthology, Bulletins.

- Sound-Writing 1892-1972: George Bernard Shaw and a modern alphabet J23 1998/1 pp3-7.

Reilly, J J. See Web link.

- Richard Feynman and Isaac Asimov on Spelling Reform J25 1999/1 pp31-33.

- The Political Context of Spelling Reform in the USA J28 2000/2 pp21-23.

- reviews Duck, I. God help all little children read, write and spell - Modular English J31 2002/2 p19.

Reynolds, D. UK Prof. of Education Correspondence J21 1997-1 pp27-29.

Rock, Zé do. See Book, Newsletters, Media, Personal View 11, Web link.

- An Excursion into Icelandic Orthography J26 1999/2 pp25-26.

- The Spelling of Portuguese J28 2000/2 pp24-26.

Rock, Zé do, 'fom winde ferfeelt' review by Upward J23 1998/1.

- 'A Romanian holiday in a Romanesque notation' J31 2002/2 pp13,14.

Rohner, T. See Newsletters.

- Five Questions about Cut Spelling J8 1988/2 p32.

Rondthaler, E. See American Literacy Council, Newsletters, Personal View 8, Anthology, Bulletins, Web link.

- USA J3 1986 p15-16.

- American Alternative Spelling J4 1987/1 p4.

- reviews Stubbs, CLIE Working Paper No 10. J8 1988/2 p35.

- Updating Simplified American Spelling J9 1988/3 pp30-31.

- reviews Upward, C. 1988 'English Spelling & Educational Progress' J10 1989/1 p30.

- reviews Upward, C. Cut Spelling Handbook J13 1992/2 pp8-10.

- "Informal" Spelling for Literacy for immigrants & 40m. adult illiterates J15 1993/2 pp31-32.

- A Smoother Path to Literacy J17 1994/2 p32.

- & Little, J. Building Spelling Reform's Trojan Horse: the long range focus of the American Literacy Council J18 1995/1 pp3-6.

- Scrabble Senior J19 1995/2 p21.

- New SSS Vice-President J22 1997/2 p16.

- A Teaching Spell Checker J22 1997/2 pp17-18.

- E-mail and a 'Benchmark' Spelling J26 1999/2 pp27-28.

- Alternative scenarios for the year 2100 J27 2000/1 pp14-15.

- Recogniez what is "guud enuf" and run with it! J30 2002/1 p24.

Rondthaler, E. 'Dictionary of Simplified American Spellings' review by Yule V. J9 1988/3.

Rooten, L. d'Antin van. English words in French spelling in 'Mots d'Heures, Gousses, Rames' J7 1988/1 p35.

Rye, J. See Web link.

- Spelling Reform - arguments against and for J27 2000/1 p19-22.