Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

Author names are marked in bold for articles and in italics for articles about them and reviews by or about them.
Journals are indicated by Jnumber, year/number-in-year, page numbers, e.g. J9 1988/3 pp7-11.
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Wade, R L. - A vehicle of chanj J29 2001/1 p29.

- What's Freespeling & the World Vote really about? J30 2002/1 p14.

Wells, J C. See Newsletters, Media, Web link.

- English accents & spelling reform J3 1986 pp5-13.

- English Accents & Spelling Reform. edited version J32 2003/1 pp9-11.

- Message from the New President. J32 2003/1 p36.

- Talk at SSS AGM 2004.

Whitmore, P. Spelling rules for vowel sounds. J29 2001/1 p20.