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Campbell, Allan, see Journals, Media, Spell 4 Literacy NZ.

- Editorial: A New NewsLetter: SS1.

- Committee news: Summary of AGM and Committee meetings. SS1.

- Editorial: Let's start from where we are. SS2.

- Notice: This issue. SS3.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS3.

- Committee news: At the AGM and committee. SS3.

- Editorial: Strength in unity. SS3.

- Article: Slick slogans sought to promote the cause. SS3

- Talepeace: Its awl write! SS3.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS4.

- Editorial: More than a glimmer and Simpl Speling's style'. SS4.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS5.

- Editorial: Learning for the future. SS5.

- Short items: Harnessing Shakespeare to the cause. Anniversary. SS5.

- Committee news: From the committee meetings. SS5.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS6, SS7.

- Net chat: Excerpts from SSS internet discussion group. SS7.

- Talepeace: Creative speller, passive teller. SS7.

- Article: Committee polls members on strategy. SS8.

- Notice: AGM Notice: SS8.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS8.

- Editorial: Another milestone. SS8.

- Net chat: Excerpts from SSS internet discussion group. SS8.

- Talepeace: Dan Quayle's 'potatoe'. SS8.

- Article: Members favor gradual change. SS9.

- Article: Research may lead to agreed first steps. SS9.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS9.

- Net chat: Excerpts from SSS internet discussion group. SS9.

- Talepeace: 'Villian' tattoo. SS9.

- Article: Email group debates reform proposals. SS10.

- Article: Publishing rules altered for members' Personal Views. SS10.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS10.

- Editorial: Leave it to the pros. SS10.

- Article: Disappointing response to advertising trial. SS10.

- Net chat. Excerpts from SSS internet discussion group. SS10.

- Talepeace: They're. SS10.

- Article: Society engages MPs on two fronts. SS11.

- Article: NZ asked to take lead. SS11.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS11.

- Net chat: Excerpts from SSS internet discussion group. SS11.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS12.

- Short item: David B Guralnik, Noted lexicografer, dies. SS12.

- Talepeace: A 'Pharmasy'. SS12.

- Article: Promising start to millennium. SS13.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS13.

- Tribute: Eminent member dies. Mona Cross. SS13.

- Article: The rite of replying. SS13.

- Talepeace: Literacy posters reprinted. SS13.

- Committee news: Seeking a strategy for success. SS14.

- Article: No recommendation on spelling change. SS14.

- Committee news: Widening of committee membership is signaled. SS14.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS14.

- In brief: Snippets. SS14.

- Talepeace: George Bush's 'quiche' SS14.

- Committee news: Strategy group to study cost savings. SS15.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS15.

- Committee news: From the Society's AGM. How are we progressing? SS15.

- Talepeace: PEST. SS15.

- Article: Reading report seeks better decoding skills. SS16.

- Article: 'Not averse to ... simplified spelling'. SS16.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS16.

- Talepeace: Elifant to Elefant. SS16.

- Article: Planning to attend US spelling bee. SS17.

- This 'n' that from here 'n' there. SS17.

- Talepeace: 'Ptarmigan' or 'Chicken'? SS17.

Chew, Jennifer. See Journals,

- Letter: Improve literacy with fonics teaching. SS7.

Citron, Abe. See Journals, Anthology, Bulletins.

- Section III. SPD SPLG. News6.

- Section V: Words cut for speed in the "Computer Age". News7.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

Cober, Joe. Letter: Simpler spelling in progress. SS6.

- Letter: A tale of 'one international' languages. SS7.

Cookson, Harry. See Journal.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

- Article: How far can we go in English? N10.

- Letter: Homographs and homophones could be a problem. SS3.

- Letter: Partly accepted spellings. SS4.

- One Member: People find reasons to oppose change. SS5.

Craig, Robert. See Journals.

- Section Three: NC83. News5.

- Section IV: Linkan's quetisbarq adrec ritan in nju warld spelig. News7.

- Letter: Notional pronunciation. SS3.

- One Member: Long service has seen many proposals. SS4.

- Letter: An opportunity to develop a 'house style'. SS4.

- Letter: Reform strategy is needed. SS8.

- Letter: LANGO example. SS9.

- Letter: Building a house style. SS10.

- Letter: Incremental, measurable. SS11.

- Letter: Welsh w a nonstarter? SS12.

- Letter: 'Overwhelming choice' not favored. SS13.

- Letter: Three-stage policy. SS14.

- Letter: Govts not to the FORE. SS15.

- Letter: Start with best current spellings. SS17.

Cross, Mona. See Journals. Editor News1-8, 1982-1985.

- Society news: Treasurer's letter. News1.

- Editorial: Letters, Recent publications. News1.

- Article: Vowel spelling patterns and solutions. News1.

- Items of interest: Media, research, overseas, SPB. News1.

- Editorial: Letter, pamflet 11, obituary Vic Paulsen. News2.

- Editorial: AGM, the President, PRO, 1829 extract, speaker hints. News3.

- Editorial: Member comments on the Constitution. News3.

- Editorial: Letter to members. Letters received. News4.

- Editorial: Obituary, Newell W Tune; News, John Downing. News4.

- Editorial: Letter to members. News5.

- Editorial: Section One: Intro, Two movements, News6.

- Editorial: Section I: Letter from the Editor. News7.

- Editorial: Letter from the Editor. News8.

Cunningham, Paul. One Member: Teaching one's ideas, seeking reactions. SS7.