Contributors to SSS newsletters 1917-2002.

Pyoneer1-4 1917,1918. News1-8 1982-1985. N1-N9 1991-1996. SS1-SS17 1996-2002.
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Davies, Colin. See Journals.

- Letter: 'A speech impediment'. SS17.

Davis, Leo G. See Bulletins.

- Article: Orthographic reform. Letter: Re the News letter. NS4.

Dicker, Jerry. Letter: Why is Welsh w 'a non-starter'? SS15.

Downing, John. See Journals, Anthology, Bulletins.

- Letter: From our President. NS4.

Drummond, H. The avershon tu chainj. Pyoneer Joon 1917.

- AGM address. Pioneer Feb 1918.

Duerr, Paul. Letter: Invitation to view Interglish. SS16.

- Article: Submission excerpts sent to Gates Foundation. SS16.

Dunne, Patrick. Letter: Taking orthographic orthodoxy to court? SS7.