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Gibbs, Stanley. See Journals, Leaflet.

- Society news: AGM report. News1.

- Hon Sec: From my postbag, BEtSS, Howlers. News2.

- Article: The way forward. News3.

- Report: From the Secretary. News4.

- Hon Sec: John Downing visit, Letters received, Quotations. News5.

- Section I: Items from my postbag. SSS Secretary. News7.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

Gilet, Peter. Letter: The future common language of humanity. SS3.

- Letter: Faster to read - but who needs speed? SS4.

- Letter: Learning spelling as a series of reflexes. SS7.

- Letter: Foneticism a second priority? SS9.

- Letter: Start chang'n it! SS14.

- Letter: Revolutionary approach, subversive movement, acts of violence? SS16.

Gladstone, Kate. Article: Does illegibility go with shorter spelling? SS2.

Gledhill, Chris. See Journals.

- Article: What can we learn from Esperanto? SS7.

Gledhill, John. See Journals, Media,

- Letter: Leaving no room for confusion! SS8.

- One Member: A pre-Christmas office experiment. SS9.

- Letter: Part of national identity. SS15.

Gloin, Lew. Media item: Is 'rong' the right spelling? News2.

Gogate, Madhukar N. See Journals, Web links.

- Article: An Indian viewpoint. News4.

- Sections Four, Five: Roman Lipi Parishad. News5.

- Section III: A Roman Script for India. News7.

- This 'n' that: Globish - global English. SS7.

- Article: Another view from India. A link language on a parallel route. SS9.

- Letter: Place renaming is an ongoing process. SS11.

Gregersen, Edgar A. See Journals.

- Section Three: 'Simplified' is not always simpler. News5.

Groff, Patrick. See Journals, Bulletins.

- Letter: Call for official SSS foneme statement. SS9.

- Letter: Technically yes, psychologically ...? SS13.

Gundry, Mr. OO wuns mor. Pyoneer Mar 1917.