Contributors to SSS newsletters 1917-2002.

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Harrison, Barbara. Article: Teachers receptive to member's talk. SS12.

Helm, Nelson. Article: Selling spelling. SS6.

- Letter: No bellyaching, please, we know what's best. SS11.

- Article: Of authorities: Who will care about our 'optimum solution'? SS15.

Hendrix, Ruth Ann. Letter: Letters → syllables → words → literacy! SS13.

Hofmann, Thomas. See Journals, Bulletins.

- Section Four: Comments on SR1-5. News5.

Hogarth, Joseph. South African perspective on English spelling reform. Pyoneer Mar 1917.

- Foreigners and simplified spelling. Pioneer Feb 1918.

Hosiba, Yasuyuki. Letter: A bridge between TO, new spelling. SS11.

Hunter, Ian. Article: Analyzing spelling reform options. SS17.

Hutchins, Jean. See Journals.

- Article: Inquiries Via The 'Net. SS1.

- Short item: If it's not this, it's that. Some comments from members. SS4.

- This 'n' that: Confusion reigns over silent letters. SS15.

- One Member: Sowing the seed with special educational needs people. SS17.

- Article: Some rules of English spelling! Add, double, drop, change. SS17.