Contributors to SSS newsletters 1917-2002.

Pyoneer1-4 1917,1918. News1-8 1982-1985. N1-N9 1991-1996. SS1-SS17 1996-2002.
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Lahey, George. Letter: An alternative to Cut Spelling. SS5.

- Letter: Deleting silent letters. SS7.

- Letter: Non-redundant, easy symbol set. SS12.

Lamb, Bernard. Article: QES head offers campaign tips. SS6.

Lane, Terry. This 'n' that: Columnist's sympathetic view of ISD. SS8.

Lang, Tom. Letter: Favors use of best dictionary forms. SS6.

- One Member: When Parliament voted to simplify spelling. SS8.

- Winning spelling jokes. SS10.

- Short item: An approach to Chambers. SS12.

- This 'n' that: Reform stalwart dies. SS15.

Lee, Pehling. Section Four: Package scheme. News5.

- Section IV: A friendly appeal to the SSS. News7.

Ling, Pwe-Linn. Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

Little, Joe. Article: How can we outsmart Murphy? SS3.

- Article: ...or simply praise the Lord. SS4.

- Article: Call to action. Responding to findings of US report on literacy. SS6.

- This 'n' that: A good year for the ALC. SS8.

Lung, Richard Alfabet Analysis News2.