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MacLeod, Dan. Letter: Ergonomics has a lesson for spelling reformers. SS4.

Martin, Ian. See Media.

- This 'n' that: Talk to Thai TESOL teachers. SS12.

- This 'n' that: Romanizing Thai. SS14.

Maye, Anthony. Letter: Dutch reform a model for English? SS4.

Miles, John. Letter: Meind yaur perversifications. SS11.

Mitton, Roger. Article: AGM Address: English Spelling and the Computer. N9.

Mole, Alan. One Member: BTRSPL, a better spelling program. SS2.

- Letter: Student membership. Alan Mole. SS3.

- Letter: Don't judge good spellers as wise; poor as ignorant. SS4.

- Short item: Promotional badges. SS9.

- article: Winning the children thru the internet. SS9.

- One Member: Spelling-reform books in libraries? SS13.

Murray, Gilbert. Our apeel to guvernment. Pyoneer Mar 1917.