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Rae, Gilbert. See Journals.

- Article: Pronunciation System using Simplified Spelling. News3.

- Section IV: Phonetic Simplification Of English Spelling. News7.

Raven, Isobel. See Book, Journals, Media.

- Letter: The state of Danish. SS16.

- This 'n' that: Peter Gzowski, literacy advocate. SS17.

Relton, Ted. Article: Publish - and be damned ... SS4.

- Letter: Delighted at active stance. SS9.

- Letter: C and g the 'root of all evil'? SS12.

- Letter: WordStar still up to the job. SS13.

- Letter: Enuf is surely enuff? SS14.

- Letter: Lobbying newspaper style editors. SS15.

- One Member: Practising wot we preech. SS16.

Reynolds, Janet. Short item: Severe implications for braille people. SS12.

Ripman, Walter. See Pamflet, Book.

- Our apeel to the guvernment. Pyoneer Mar 1917.

Rock, Zé do. See Book, Journals, Media, Personal View, Web links.

- Letter: SSS not using simplified spelling is 'absurd'. SS9.

- One Member: Wanderlust brings spelling challenges. SS10.

- Article: German changes taking hold. SS11.

- Article: German newspaper backtracks on change. SS13.

Rohner, Traugott. See Journal.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

Rondthaler, Edward. See Journals, Personal View, Anthology, Bulletins. ALC web.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

- Letter: In defense of New Spelling. SS12.

- Article: Technology to the rescue? SS14.

- Article: Logical spelling not impossible for readers. SS16.