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Publications Secretary: G. O'Halloran, London.
January, 1976. Vol. 2 No. 1. [32pp. A5]


I am sorry that this edition of NEWS SHEET cannot be as informative as I had hoped it would be. I do not now myself have much of the information I had intended to include. This happened as follows. Late one night in early December our chairman, Mr E. Smith, came to my home seeking the Secretary's files. I had, of course, last year been doing the work of secretary, financial secretary, education secretary, publications secretary and records secretary. I went to my study to sort them out for him but Mr Smith followed me saying he was in a very great hurry - so I gave him all of the files. I have since written to him requesting the return of certain items but have not had an answer to my letters. However, I know he has been busy on another project (see Memorabilia later in this issue) and I will do my best to provide as much information as I can from my memory. I hope you will all forgive me for any defects which may occur in NEWS SHEET 5. I cannot hold it up any longer awaiting the missing information.

APOLOGY. Mr Smith has now brought the files I need but I have not got the heart to go back and re-write all I have already done. There are no errors so I propose to let stand all I had already written.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Chairman, Mr Edward Smith, on the publication of a report of which he is co-author on the traffic problems of Britain. Mr Smith spent a year as a research officer at the University of Reading working on the evidence.

CONGRATULATIONS to Prof. Robert Carvell, Ph.D. When he joined the Society about two years ago Robert Carvell was still a student at the University of Wisconsin. He became Ph.D. with a thesis on 'Reading Comprehension and Regularised Orthography'. Prof. Carvell believes that further research is necessary on the effect of the possible loss of homophonts (right-write-rite) on ready comprehension.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Helen Bonnema Bisgard on her recent marriage. We wish her and her husband every possible kind of happiness.

OBITUARY. We regret to announce the death of Mr Thomas Elderkin - a former member of the Society - and offer our sympathy to his relatives. Mr Elderkin bequeathed the sum of £200 to the Society.

THANKS TO MR HARRISON. Mr Maurice Harrison, a long-term member of the Society; member of the committee for over 30 years and Treasurer for ten years, has been elected a Vice-President of the Society. Mr Harrison is also a Trustee of the Society and an Honorary Member. We are sorry to learn of Mr Harrison's recent illness and we wish him a speedy recovery.

THANKS also to Mr Raymond Elser for his generous contributions to the Society's Publication Fund.

All those who received the first number of News Sheet have read my report, made at the request of the A.G.M. of 1974, on the affairs of the Society. Mr Sinclair Eustace (formerly secretary of the Society) was upset by the report and feels parts of it might be taken as allegations of conspiracy and dishonesty against him. I would like to make it clear that there was no intention on my part to suggest anything of this nature. I wish also to make it plain that Mr Eustace acted completely inside the constitution as it then was. I am sorry that Mr Eustace has been caused distress and embarrassment.

Mr Eustace is once more a candidate for the office of Secretary of the Society and has my full support. I would not feel able to give this support if I did not feel that he is in every way suited to fill the office satisfactorily.

Signed: George O'Halloran.

Please keep the last week end in AUGUST 1977 free for our SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. Details may be obtained from the Education Secretary, Mr Stanley Gibbs.

The publication of the PROCEEDINGS of our First International Conference is now being delayed only by the failure of some members of the Society to send us corrected versions of their papers. Several papers contained minor errors, erasures and other small blemishes which would spoil the appearance of a volume produced photographically. May I urge upon these members to let me have their copy (in some cases only one page) as soon as they can so that the volume does not lose some of its topicality. I appeal to members who are not competent typists to get their amendments typed professionally.

The PROCEEDINGS of our First International Conference will be published under the main title "READING & SPELLING". It will contain all the papers presented at the conference and also those tabled. The price including postage will be about £4.00 ($10.00). We are particularly anxious to receive subscriptions especially from libraries of colleges, universities, etc. as soon as possible.


(The A.G.M. because of the great increases in the cost of postage, etc., authorised an increase to £2.00 ($5.00) in the annual subscription. It also passed a resolution authorising the Secretary to remit the full subscription for folk living on the state retirement pension who ask for this to be done. Such Senior Member remain full members in every sense.)

The following is a letter from the Treasurer asking for your co-operation.

"May I thank all who have paid the 1976 subscription which is now due. Some of you have paid the full £2.00, others clearly think it is still £1 a year, I will enter that as a half year's subscription and leave you to pay the other half at your convenience.

"Although it has been a pleasure to contact members personally by way of sending an acknowledgement I'm hoping that all members will pay direct through their banks where they can. For me to check who is a paid up member via our Bank Statement is only one operation. But payment in the ordinary personal way means that the Treasurer has seven operations to do - i.e. an acknowledgement, a stamp, a note on postage, a note in the Receipts Book, a note as to who has paid, sending the money to the London Bank, checking if the Bank has entered it - seven operations as against one or two, I think.

"So if you don't mind would you please ask your bank to pay the £2.00 for you but if you do mind and if the former is inconvenient please don't hesitate about sending it to me. Either way I shall be grateful."

Mona Cross (Miss), 7 Orchard Close, East Haddon, Northants.

A separate Banker's Order form is enclosed to help members to help the Secretary. Editor.

We should be grateful if members who wish to have a reply to letters would kindly enclose a stamped addressed envelope. This will let us know that a reply is needed.

Members are asked particularly to study the parts of NEWS SHEET 2 between line 36 page 4 and the end of the issue. These have been scheduled provisionally by the AGM as the new Financial Rules of the Society and will be voted on as the permanent Financial Rules of the Society at the AGM this year 1976. Members who wish to offer suggestions for changes should send them to me as soon as possible with a copy to the chairman. Letters should reach us not later than the end of May, 1976. New members (only) may obtain copies of the NEWS SHEET by sending the cost of production of the NEWS SHEET, i.e. 35p together with a stamped addressed foolscap size envelope.

Members who wish to present items for consideration by AGM should submit these as soon as possible as formal resolutions for publication.

ELECTORAL REFORM SOCIETY (Ballot Services) Ltd. London.
September 3rd 1975

Results of Ballot.

The total number of Agendas/Ballot Papers received was 38. 27 were returned by post and 11 at the A.G.M. You will note that not all ballot papers returned recorded votes on all questions.

The results of voting on the Agenda were as follows:

Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
(Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15
Question 16
Question 17
Question 18
Question 19
Question 20
Financial Rules
New Constitution
Vice Presidents - selection of
Subscriptions doubled
Senior Members Subscriptions
Prince Phillip
Withdrawn at A.G.M. (1948 New Spelling)
Members' Spelling Schemes, no cash for.
Maurice Harrison as Vice President.
AGM 1976
Conference in 1977
Approval of Auditors
Approval of Banking arrangements
Discussion of Estimates

On every question there was a majority of 'YES' votes over 'NO' votes.

BUDGET 1975-76.

The following is a summary of how the members of the Society voted on the estimates of expenditure for 1975-76 as returned by the Electoral Reform Society. The authorised expenditure now becomes the Budget.

3Clerical assistance£  25 322
4Hire of rooms£  30 330
6Office equipment£  10 331
8Sundries£  2033 1
9Secretary's Emergency Fund£100 312
10Reserve to offset inflation£100 331

E1Journal£28029 3

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