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March 1917/1 Part 4.

Neu Memberz.

Aneual Memberz.
Rev.C. H. Williams, Exeter.
Mrs. M. Elsmore, London.
L. Feint, Birkenhead.
H. M. King, London.
D. Muir, London.
North, Crewe.
Spiers, London.
L. Stubbs, Cheshire.
M. Wigglesworth, London.
Misez M. Bennett, ... School, Doncaster.
E. Brown, Wallasey.
H. Chandler, London
A. Clegg, ... School, Doncaster.
M. A. Cox, ... School, Birmingham.
A. J. Dawes, ... School, Birmingham.
F. Egerton, Birmingham.
L Eld, ... School, Birmingham.
H. Franks, Doncaster.
E. Harris, Moseley.
E. W. Heslop, Doncaster.
A. Hornbuckle, Doncaster.
A. Jones, South Staffordshire.
G. Leake, ... School, Doncaster.
G. V. Logan, Sunderland.
L. A. Masters, ... School, Birmingham.
N. C. Morrison, Richmond.
V. M. Nairn, Belfast, Ireland.
J. Newman, Belfast, Ireland.
H. Nixon, Leeds.
J. E. Payne, ... Training College, London.
M. Potts, Sunderland.
E. Pugh, Training College, Hereford.
N. E. Redford, Birmingham.
D. Revell, Streatham.
M. J. Robertson, Leeds.
F. A. Simpson, Birmingham.
J. Sims, ... School, High Wycombe.
S. M. Smith, Training College, Hereford.
M. Smithies, Rochdale.
E. Snowden, University ..., Leeds.
E. Steele, Belfast.
D. C. Stiebel, ... Training College, London.
M. St. John, ... School, Birmingham.
K. Wheldon, ... School, Birmingham.
N. Wilkes, South Staffs.
Mesrs.S. J. Ashley, Willenhall
W. Baines, Liverpool.
H. Barker, Willenhall.
W. Blakemore, Wolverhampton.
J. J. Blundell, ... School, Birmingham.
G. Booth, Wallasey.
J. H. Brown, Doncaster.
F. D. Butterworth, ... Sch, Wolverhampton.
A. G. Cash, ... School, Wolverhampton.
E. Cooke, ... School, Doncaster.
H. Crafts, Peckham.
B. M. Cresswell, ... Sch, Birmingham.
E. C. Elsmore, London.
A. Etheridge, Birmingham.
A. Farcy, Cannes, France.
H. Firth, Doncaster.
I. Foley, Wolverhampton.
J. G. Forrister, ... School, Birmingham.
A. Garside, Doncaster.
W. J. Hewitt, ... College, London.
J. W. Howe, Wolverhampton.
W. W. T. Hughes, S. Staffs.
G. Hyde, ... School, Doncaster.
W. H. P. Johnstone, Birkenhead.
C. H. Laycock, Devon.
C. Lewis, Birmingham.
F. H. Marsden, B.A., Halifax.
T. Milnes, Doncaster.
M. W. Niell, Birkenhead.
T. Norton, Birmingham.
M. Pemberton, Birkenhead.
G. Robinson, Winchester.
W. E. Singleton, London.
F Smith, University College, Aberystwyth.
A. Tildesley, Willenhall.
F. Wigglesworth, London.
M. Wilkie, Birkenhead,
E. B. Wilson, ... School, London.


Desember, Janeuari, and Febrooari

LETERZ IN SUPORT OV SIMPLIFYD SPELING apeerd in: Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald (3 leterz), Devon Gazette. Liverpool Post, Manchester City News, Manchester Sunday Chronicle, Newcastle Daily Journal (2 leterz), North Mail, Surveyor, Times Educational Supplement (2 leterz), Times Literary Supplement (5 leterz), Yorkshire Post.

SPESHAL ARTIKELZ ERJING SPELING REFORM wer nœted in: Liverpool Courier, Oregon Teachers' Monthly, Samaritan Magazine, Sydney Sun (Australia), Teacher's Work, Yorkshire Post.

REPORTS ON OUR MEETING at the Konferens ov Edeukaishonal Asœsiaishonz wer publisht in: Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, Daily Chronicle, Daily Graphic, Daily Telegraph, Education Authorities Gazette, Educational Times, Glasgow Herald, Journal of Education, Nottingham Guardian, Pall Mail Gazette, Schoolmaster, School World. Sussex Daily News, Times, Yorkshire Post.

EKSTRAKTS from the dokeument presented tu the Bord ov Edeukaistion and Reekonstrukshon Komiti wer kwœted in: Aberdeen Evening Express, Aberdeen Journal, Daily Graphic, Daily Sketch, Financial News, Glasgow Citizen, Glasgow Observer, Guernsey Evening Press, Huddersfield Examiner, Liverpool Post, London Opinion, Manchester Dispatch, Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, Pitman's Journal, Referee, School Government Chronicle, Western Mail, Yorkshire Observer, Yorkshire Post.

ARTIKELZ MENSHONING SPELING REFORM apeerd in: Evening Standard, Newcastle Journal, School Government Chronicle, Yorkshire Observer, Yorkshire Post.

LFKTEURZ ON SIMPLIFYD SPELING wer reported, and komented upon, in the folœing paiperz: Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post, Incorporated Phonographic Society's Quarterly Journal, Schoolmaster, Western Morning News.

FAIVORABEL REVEUZ ov the Ferst Reeder apeerd in Child Life and Educational News.

LETERZ and paragraafs ataking Simplifyd Speling wer obzervd in: Devon Gazette, Evening News, Pall Mail Gazette, Sunday Chronicle, Times Literary Supplement (3 leterz).


It haz been desyded tu publish THE PYONEER kworterli until pees iz restord. The Editor'z adres iz London.

THE PYONEER iz sent graitis tu aul Memberz ov the Simplifyd Speling Sosyeti. The aneual subskripshon for Asœshiait Memberz iz a minimum ov wun shiling, that for Aktiv Memberz a minimum ov fyv shilingz. Mor muni meenz mor pouer tu kari on the kampain.

Reederz ar erjd tu aply for leeflets seting forth the aimz ov the Sosyeti. Theez and aul uther informaishon wil be gladli sent by the Sekretari ov the Simplifyd Speling Sosyeti, London.

[Outside back cover.]

Publications of the Simplified Spelling Society.

Write to the Secretary for free specimen copies.

BREAKING THE SPELL. An appeal to Common Sense. With Preface by Dr. R. W. Macan, Master of University College, Oxford. A most valuable and useful book, tolerantly discussing the various aspects of Spelling Reform, and answering objections to the movement. 54pp. Price 4d. net.

A FERST REEDER IN SIMPLIFYD SPELING. Printed in large clear type and containing Sound Chart, Poems and Prose. 48pp. Price 6d net. (Reduced terms for classes.)

A SEKOND REEDER IN SIMPLIFYD SPELING. Includes poems and short stories. 54pp 6d. net. (Reduced terms for classes.) (The schools experimenting with Simplified Spelling are using these readers with great success.)

REPORT OF A SCHOOL EXPERIMENT IN TEACHING READING BY MEANS OF SIMPLIFIED SPELLING. Of particular interest to teachers or those contemplating an experiment with out scheme. 2pp. Gratis.


THE STAR. A story by H. G. Wells. (In Simplified Spelling.) Price 2p. net.

The Society's Quarterly Organ, written in Simplified Spelling. Price 2p. net.

PROPOSALS FOR A SIMPLIFIED SPELLING OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. By Walter Ripman, M.A. and William Archer, M.A. 74pp. 1s. net.

LIFTING THE BURDEN FROM THE SCHOOL CHILD: A scheme of Simplified Spelling, briefly d escribed. A practical pamphlet for propaganda purposes. 8pp.Gratis.

ADVANTAGES AND OBJECTIONS. (See third page of cover.) Gratis.

TO TEACHERS. By Miss Ethel Gavin, M.A. 4pp. Gratis.


SIMPLIFIED DUTCH & COMPLICATED ENGLISH IN SOUTH AFRICA.. By Joseph Hogarth (Johannesburg). 8pp. Gratis.

A BUSINESS MAN'S NEWS. Interview with Dr. G. B. Hunter. 4pp. Gratis.


(These pamphlets never fail to convert business men and women.)


An assortment of neat labels bearing obvious simplifications, for affixing to correspondence. 100 for 1s.

Except where otherwise stated, all the literature above is written in ordinary spelling.

C. F. Hodgson & Son, Printerz, London.

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