English spelling isn't so bad, is it?

Yes, English spelling abuses the Alphabetic Principle (to represent the sounds of words) more than any other language that uses an alphabet. For example, the words head, said, says, many and friend, all represent the short e sound with different spellings.

Furthermore, it is the only alphabetic language which uses identical spellings to represent different sounds, such as in the words ear, early, bear and heard where the letters ear represent a variety of sounds, and one, bone, gone, done, where the     letters one represent completely different sounds.

Thus it is not only difficult to learn to spell in English, but many people also find it very difficult to read.           

See http://englishspellingproblems.blogspot.com/2009/12/reading-problems.html

Why is this a problem?
Are you proposing that everyone spell however they want?
What sort of changes are you proposing?
What do you think of the way people spell for texting?
If our spelling were more regular, wouldn't people with different dialects spell differently?
Isn't this dumbing down the language? Spelling said with the letter e (sed) and spelling done with the letter u (dun) looks ignorant and stupid.
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