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Elizabeth Kuizenga

Elizabeth Kuizenga, a long standing member of the Society and of its Committee, died on Christmas Day 2016 after a long battle with cancer. We offer our sincere condolences to all her family. This page is devoted to her memory and in recognition of her major contribution to the cause of spelling reform.

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2018-02-16 — Cumberland County spellers battle incredible 53 rounds (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-15 — Love of reading helps Beverlye Magnet School's Chaz Spence win Houston County Spelling Bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-15 — Steinbach advances to Multi-Regional State Spelling Bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-15 — McKayla Long is top spelling star at East Clinton Middle School (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-14 — Patient spellers take spelling bee 12 rounds (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-14 — Adult spelling bee returns in April; teams of 4 can sign up now (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-13 — Top spellers honored at Hilltop (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-13 — GREGARIOU-S' (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-13 — Shifa wins National Spelling Bee contest (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-13 — Eighth-grader at Portland's Lyman Moore Middle School wins Cumberland County Spelling Bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-13 — Master that spelling: When to write 'ch' or 'tch' in a word More ►

2018-02-12 — Henley Middle School student wins county spelling bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-12 — This week in Fairbanks: BizBee, GoRedForWomen (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-12 — How to Re-Invigorate Your Language in Five Easy Steps More ►

2018-02-12 — Evans: In honor of Mardi Gras, a primer on some more unusual names More ►

2018-02-11 — McCauley wins Spelling Bee on 'adios' (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-11 — Is it really that difficult to learn Dutch? More ►

2018-02-11 — UAE- 'Xenolith' helps student win Dh25,000 spelling bee prize (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-11 — General Court confirms rejection of FACK JU GÖHTE; rare application of Article 7(1)(f) More ►

2018-02-10 — Broomfield fifth-grader casts winning spell at regional competition (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-10 — Why we are so charmed by Tharoor's English More ►

2018-02-09 — Seventh-grader, fifth-grader win Gainesville Schools district spelling bees (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-08 — 25th Times-News Spelling Bee is Thursday, Feb. 15 (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-08 — How Amazon Alexa Will Forever Change How We Name Companies More ►

2018-02-08 — Competition, sportsmanship reign at St. Columbkille spelling bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-08 — Lawmakers want all insurance contracts in English More ►

2018-02-08 — Second annual Spanish Spelling Bee celebrates Waxahachie ISD's bilingual students (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-07 — How Americans preserved British English Americans today pronounce some words more like Shakespeare than Brits do… but it’s in 18th-Century England where they’d really feel at home. More ►

2018-02-07 — IU Bee gives students chance to compete (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-07 — Pyongchang vs. PyeongChang vs. Pyeongchang The spelling of this year’s Olympic host city, explained. More ►

2018-02-07 — Lost in translation An Irishman's Diary on the hidden depths of Hiberno-English More ►

2018-02-07 — Town-wide Spelling Bee winner announced (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-06 — You've probably been pronouncing "PyeongChang" wrong How do you pronounce “PyeongChang”? More ►

2018-02-06 — Educationist Decries Poor Spelling, Grammar Among Students The wrong usage of words and improper spellings among students at all levels of education in the country More ►

2018-02-06 — Etymology gleanings for January 2018 Part 2 More ►

2018-02-06 — Winners crowned at Ashland County Spelling Bee (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-06 — Selinsgrove sixth-grader ready for the spotlight (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-06 — Master that spelling: when to write '-el', '-le' or '-al' at the end of the word We write ‘table’ NOT ‘tabel’; we also write ‘towel’ NOT ‘towle’; and write ‘local’ NOT ‘locle’. More ►

2018-02-06 — Many Food Names in English Come From Africa Words English has taken from African languages More ►

2018-02-05 — How many points is 'finsta' worth? Urban Dictionary for Scrabble? More ►

2018-02-05 — Lautenschleger is spelling bee champ at Strasburg (Spelling Bee) More ►

2018-02-05 — Sakshi and Mukta shine at French Spell Bee contest (Spelling Bee) More ►

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