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Spelling is mentioned in the news articles somewhere in the world every few days. The News pages aim to capture these articles as a matter of record and of interest.

Edward Lias

We are saddened to announce the passing of Edward J. Lias. Among many other achievements, Dr Lias developed the American Literacy Council's literacy software program Soundspel.

Recent additions

These are usually the newest items by publication date, but items of historic interest are occasionally added.

2021-05-23 — Spelling out a whole load of trouble if we start altering our language Prince Philip was a former patron of the Simplified Spelling Society (now the English Spelling Society) More ►

2021-05-20 — Should spellings of some words be made easier? A new proposal has been put forward by the The English Spelling Society, that the spellings of some words would be made a lot easier. More ►

2021-05-15 — Shakespeare didn’t need to know the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ More ►

2021-05-15 — Mountford Manor Primary School launches book vending machine to encourage pupils to read PUPILS at Mountford Manor Primary School get a treat of a different kind when they use their new vending machine. More ►

2021-05-11 — I can't read or write, but I can cook' Thomas left school at 16 and went to catering college because he wanted a vocation that wouldn't need strong literacy skills. More ►

2021-05-11 — DK joins forces with learning company Mrs Wordsmith DK has joined forces with Mrs Wordsmith, “the world's silliest learning company", on a range of curriculum-based publishing. More ►

2021-05-07 — You gotta spell proper, argues columnist John Nurden I have been in this bizness long enough to know that we shouldn't fro stones at greenhouses. More ►

2021-05-06 — Every Spelling Bee Winning Word Since 2000 More ►

2021-05-06 — Spelling Bee of Canada expands to Nunavut ‘We’re working really hard to support students to have an equal footing,’ says spokesperson for spelling bee.More ►

2021-05-05 — Sherman freshman is the best speller in Texas Shomoy Kamal is his name, and spelling is his game. More ►

2021-05-03 — How do you spell 'gratitude'? Correctly, if you had no-nonsense teachers like mine. More ►

2021-05-01 — Do spelling and grammar still matter? Some universities have announced that spelling and grammar (i.e. morphology and syntax) are not all that important, but quality of thought is. More ►

2021-05-01 — Should we write English as it’s spoken? Or just leave it as it is… Despite its anti-phonic spelling, English has become the language of many nations — albeit through colonisation and conquest. More ►

2021-04-29 — Michelle Donelan deplores literacy-lite exams at the University of Hull The University of Hull is “dumbing down standards” by dropping requirements for good spelling, said Michelle Donelan, the universities minister. More ►

2021-04-25 — The long and short of language Why we shorten some syllables and not others, such as in privacy and private. More ►

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