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Elizabeth Kuizenga

Elizabeth Kuizenga, a long standing member of the Society and of its Committee, died on Christmas Day 2016 after a long battle with cancer. We offer our sincere condolences to all her family. This page is devoted to her memory and in recognition of her major contribution to the cause of spelling reform.

Recent additions

These are usually the newest items by publication date, but items of historic interest are occasionally added.

2018-09-30 — How push to help struggling readers could change instruction for all Kan. Kids Angie Schreiber sees it time and again: dyslexic students failing to learn to read through traditional teaching techniques. More ►

2018-09-24 — 'I before E except after C' is a big, fat lie Our entire education was a lie! More ►

2018-09-22 — However hard, use language with its rules In all former European colonies, all of a newspaper’s editorial personnel are forced to use a language imposed on the given country’s elite by the buccaneers of the colonising European tribe. More ►

2018-09-21 — Why does English have so many different spelling rules? This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer. More ►

2018-09-18 — Merriam-Webster adds new words that'll make English teachers cringe (but you'll be perfectly fine with them) No need to study this month to increase your vocabulary. More ►

2018-09-18 — The Small Clue That Meghan Markle Has Officially Embraced British Life We see that extra 'u' in there Duchess. More ►

2018-09-10 — Hard Words Why aren't kids being taught to read? More ►

2018-09-07 — Quirks of Canadian spelling In a class for a university fiction writing course in England, a fellow student, also a flatmate, noticed quirks in my spelling in a workshop submission. More ►

2018-09-07 — Kate Winslet warns of 'shame' of illiteracy Kate Winslet says living without being able to read and write is like a "life in hiding" More ►

2018-08-30 — Smoothing out English spelling On August 27, 1905, The Worcester Evening Gazette loudly declared a rupture with President Theodore Roosevelt. More ►

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