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English learning at home trend with Monkey Stories app in Southeast Asia

Monkey Stories is the optimal solution for Indonesian parents with children aged 2-10, which helps their children learn English at home and comprehensively develop 4 skills of Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing.

"Monkey Stories" is an application that proudly helps children excel in English before the age of 10; the app is developed by Early Start, an English-software-for-children publishing company based in the U.S. Having been in the market for more than 6 years, with the Monkey brand, Early Start has won a number of international awards: First Prize of Global Innovation through Science and Technology in the US, First Prize of Design at Asian Entrepreneurship Award in Japan, Gold ICT Award in Brunei. Additionally, the company apps have, multiple times, been on the top-trending list on Play Store and App Store.

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Homeschool essentials: The best learning resources for teaching English, history and geography

With the stay at home order in place, these are the educational tools you need to make teaching from home a breeze.

For younger children, Fun Phonics has made its digital products free for home learning which includes lettering, flashcards, word searches, objectives, name labels and spelling cards. It ranges from children who are just developing key speaking words and vocabulary up until kids who can identify words using a digraph – when two letters put together to make a sound such as "ph".

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