Cumberland County spellers battle incredible 53 rounds

(Spelling Bee)

Kendal, for whom English is a second language, sees similarities between computer coding and learning all the rules for spelling. Her parents are Dr. Ne Win, a physician at the VA Medical Center, and Kathleen Chug. She'll now be focusing on preparing for her second trip to Washington for the national ...

[The_Fayetteville_Observer; Fayetteville,_NC,_US; 2018-02-16]

Love of reading helps Beverlye Magnet School's Chaz Spence win Houston County Spelling Bee

(Spelling Bee)

Chaz Spence said that a good foundation in reading helped him win a county spelling bee and advance to the state spelling bee, which will be held in Alabaster ... He said that the toughest part of correct spelling is remembering all the words in the English language that are exceptions to common rules.

[Dothan_Eagle; Dothan,_AL,_US; 2018-02-15]

Steinbach advances to Multi-Regional State Spelling Bee

(Spelling Bee)

Steinbach advances to Multi-Regional State Spelling Bee ... Indus School student Chase Steinbach participated in the Regional Spelling Bee Feb. ... Benefits for students include improved spelling, increased vocabulary, learning concepts, developing correct English usage, developing poise in public ...

[International_Falls_Journal; International_Falls,_MN,_US; 2018-02-15]

McKayla Long is top spelling star at East Clinton Middle School

(Spelling Bee)

Seventh-grader John Orchard and sixth-grader Austin Hodson finished close behind, tying for the runner-up position. To determine finalists for the annual school-wide bee, students recently participated in preliminary Spelling Bee competitions in their English Language Arts classes. Grade-level finalists ...

[Wilmington_News_Journal; Wlimington,_OH,_US; 2018-02-15]

Patient spellers take spelling bee 12 rounds

(Spelling Bee)

In 1998, Lewis began the spelling bee tradition. "I was so pleased to come back one more time for the spelling bee," she said. All middle school students participated in a classroom bee in their English classes. The top three spellers from each class participated in a grade-level bee to decide the top five ...

[California_Democrat; California,_MO,_US; 2018-02-14]

Adult spelling bee returns in April; teams of 4 can sign up now

(Spelling Bee)

The Literacy Project is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that provides all levels of English language tutoring to adults and children through volunteerism and financial support. Adult, middle school, and family and children programs are available for free. For more information about the programs offered by ...

[Vail_Daily_News; Vail,_CO,_US; 2018-02-14]

Top spellers honored at Hilltop

(Spelling Bee)

The contest came down to the "Words of Champions" round where eighth grader Zion Anderson eked past fifth grader Cailyn Moore by correctly spelling the word "yacht" to end the round, and the earn the first place trophy. "The students were amazing!" said English teacher Melissa Nesbitt who ...

[Chinook_Observer; Long_Beach,_WA,_US; 2018-02-13]


(Spelling Bee)

USING THE METHOD of "writing" out words with her finger on her palm, Lyric Marler took first place at the 2018 Mildred Maupin Spelling Bee on Tuesday night. Banner photo, DANIEL GUY ... "They also showed they have a true love and excitement for English language arts." Though their teachers had ...

[Cleveland_Daily_Banner; Cleveland,_TN,_US; 2018-02-13]

Shifa wins National Spelling Bee contest

(Spelling Bee)

Together with her parents, Mr Kassim Amankwa-Gabbey and Madam Diata Soalihn, Shifa expressed her gratitude to the school for the overwhelming reception accorded her and was grateful to her teachers, especially her English teacher and coach, Mr Seth Kofi Owusu for his assistance.

[Graphic_Online; Accra,_GH; 2018-02-13]

Eighth-grader at Portland's Lyman Moore Middle School wins Cumberland County Spelling Bee

(Spelling Bee)

James Boswell was a Scottish lawyer and writer best known for his biography of English writer Samuel Johnson. Scala will join all the other county champions at the Maine State Spelling Bee at Hannaford Hall on the campus of the University of Southern Maine in Portland on March 24. Stefan Bell, an ...

[Portland_Press_Herald; Portland,_ME,_US; 2018-02-13]

Master that spelling: When to write 'ch' or 'tch' in a word

One of the most important things to heed in English language spelling is that the language combines several other languages especially Latin and Greek. This leaves the language so rich in vocabulary but also comes with disturbing variations in spellings as well. Many sounds are not written as they ...

[The_New_Times; Kigali,_RW; 2018-02-13]

Henley Middle School student wins county spelling bee

(Spelling Bee)

Bouber said she studies lists of spelling bee words from previous years and expands her vocabulary by reading in her free time. Her favorite word is also the longest one in the Oxford English Dictionary: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, "a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash.".

[Charlottesville_Tomorrow; Charlottesville,_VA,_US; 2018-02-12]

This week in Fairbanks: BizBee, GoRedForWomen

(Spelling Bee)

The agency helps people learn to read, write and speak English, as well as manage some computer skills to better function in everyday life. This evening celebrates all those programs, but it is often an intense and suspenseful evening, as the teams sometimes struggle to correctly spell words for the ...

[Fairbanks_Daily_News-Miner; Fairbanks,_AK,_US; 2018-02-12]

How to Re-Invigorate Your Language in Five Easy Steps

Throughout my more than half century, I had heard, learned, and experienced everything in English and so very little of my language. I butted my head into a ... I wheedle and charge and retreat at the director of the spelling bee to open it up and allow me to enroll my son's school into it but it is a no go.

[Intercontinental_Cry; Winnipeg,_MB,_CA; 2018-02-12]

Evans: In honor of Mardi Gras, a primer on some more unusual names

Within a few years, Mardi became the most common spelling, surely influenced by Mardi Gras' fame. ... English names for days of the week have also been used as first names or nicknames. ... In 2016, there were 50 Wednesdays born in the United States, along with 46 Sundays (12 spelled "Sundae").

[Omaha_World-Herald; Omaha,_NE,_US; 2018-02-12]

McCauley wins Spelling Bee on 'adios'

(Spelling Bee)

In the 12th round, Morenci's McCauley correctly spelled the word "adios" to win the 2018 Greenlee County Spelling Bee and advance to the state bee on ... Pictured are, back, from left, fifth- grade teacher Rebecca Nations, Greenlee County Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Powers and English ...

[Eastern_Arizona_Courier; Safford,_AZ,_US; 2018-02-11]

Is it really that difficult to learn Dutch?

It rhymes with "knee" in English! But unlike in English, you do pronounce the "k" and the "ie" is always pronounced the same. Just compare the words "babies" and "cries". Can you see that the spelling has nothing to do with the pronunciation? At least in Dutch, the pronunciation is logical and consistent.

[IamExpat; Amsterdam,_NL; 2018-02-11]

UAE- 'Xenolith' helps student win Dh25,000 spelling bee prize

(Spelling Bee)

Shaun Fernandes, 15, claimed the grand prize of Dh25,000 at Kellogg's Coco Pops Spelling Bee Championship held at Dubai Parks and Resorts, besides winning an all-expense paid trip to Washington ... Zone winner for Northern Emirates: Prajod CP, Grade 9, Our Own English High School, Fujairah.

[Menafn; Amman,_JO; 2018-02-11]

General Court confirms rejection of FACK JU GÖHTE; rare application of Article 7(1)(f)

(blog) Secondly, it was argued that the spelling 'fuck ju' is different from 'fuck you' and that the mark at issue is distinctive, satirical and ironic, which can be easily understood by the relevant public. The court stated that it was clear that this was a phonetical transcription in German of the English expression 'fuck ...

[World_Trademark_Review; London,_UK; 2018-02-11]

Broomfield fifth-grader casts winning spell at regional competition

(Spelling Bee)

Henry has been in every school spelling bee since third-grade, and participated in the regional once before in fourth grade. Like Bao, Henry is also interested in subjects other than English. "I want to be an engineer," he said. Henry's sister Gretta, a fifth-grader, also participated in the regional with him.

[Boulder_Daily_Camera; Boulder,_CO,_US; 2018-02-10]

Why we are so charmed by Tharoor's English

Also, because English is the language of aspiration and advancement in India. Not so long ago, children were told to circle difficult words in newspaper editorials and learn them. This is why Indian kids abroad regularly win spelling bee contests. They notice language, having grown up with more than ...

[The_Times_of_India; Mumbai,_IN; 2018-02-10]

Seventh-grader, fifth-grader win Gainesville Schools district spelling bees

(Spelling Bee)

Hannah said her dad taught English and she's always liked reading more than math or science, which is why she thinks she's good at spelling. She was nervous, but even so she beat 17 other students after 11 rounds to win the bee with the word "infraction." Ella Beccue, a fifth-grader at Centennial Arts ...

[Gainesville_Times; Gainesville,_GA,_US; 2018-02-09]

25th Times-News Spelling Bee is Thursday, Feb. 15

(Spelling Bee)

First prize also includes a $100 Series EE U.S. Savings Bond, an Encyclopedia Britannica online premium subscription, a Merriam-Webster unabridged online subscription, and a Spelling Bee Champion plaque. The pronouncer for the T-N Spelling Bee is Linda Lee, a former high school English teacher ...

[Burlington_Times_News; Fairport,_NY,_US; 2018-02-08]

How Amazon Alexa Will Forever Change How We Name Companies

Way back in 2007, a news aggregator named Grazr made sense--it was an odd spelling for the English word grazer. But how do you pronounce it? Users could say "gray-zer" or "graaah-zer" and, who knows, maybe both are correct. How you name a company is going to change in 2018. With the rise of ...

[Inc; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-02-08]

Competition, sportsmanship reign at St. Columbkille spelling bee

(Spelling Bee)

When St. Columbkille Catholic School spellers tackled the English language last week, about the only word they didn't seem to know the meaning of was "defeat.'' There were equal parts hope, optimism, suspense and raw nerves in the tense showdown, evident in the audience of teachers, parents and ...

[Omaha_World-Herald; Omaha,_NE,_US; 2018-02-08]

Lawmakers want all insurance contracts in English

Saying voters made English the official language of the state, the House of Representatives voted Thursday to spell out in law that versions of insurance contracts in that language are valid, even if customers are given copies in another language that promise something else. HB 2083 is ...

[The_Daily_Courier; Prescott_Valley,_AZ,_US; 2018-02-08]

Second annual Spanish Spelling Bee celebrates Waxahachie ISD's bilingual students

(Spelling Bee)

According to the Texas Academic Performance Report, eight percent of students in WISD are English Language Learners. At Dunaway Elementary, 32.8 percent of students are English Language Learners. Meanwhile, 30.5 percent are English Language Learners at Wedgeworth Elementary.

[Waxahachie_Daily_Light; Waxahachie,_TX,_US; 2018-02-08]

How Americans preserved British English

Americans today pronounce some words more like Shakespeare than Brits do… but it’s in 18th-Century England where they’d really feel at home.

The Great Vowel Shift that ended soon after Shakespeare's time is one reason that English spellings and pronunciations can be so inconsistent now. So what's popularly believed to be the classic British English accent isn't actually so classic. In fact, British accents have undergone more change in the ...

[BBC; London,_UK; 2018-02-07]

IU Bee gives students chance to compete

(Spelling Bee)

The Scripps National Spelling Bee's goal is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives, according to the Scripps National Spelling Bee's website. The winner of the local competition Saturday will ...

[Indiana_Daily_Student; Bloomington,_IN,_US; 2018-02-07]

Pyongchang vs. PyeongChang vs. Pyeongchang

The spelling of this year’s Olympic host city, explained.

The problem here, though, was that for foreigners, its name—traditionally spelled in English as Pyongchang—looks an awful lot like Pyongyang, the capital of nuclear-armed pariah state North Korea. So, the Olympic bid committee came up with an idea to distinguish the South Korean town: add an e and ...

[Slate_Magazine; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-02-07]

Lost in translation

An Irishman's Diary on the hidden depths of Hiberno-English

A footnote to the novel's English translation explains the "Gaelic pun": that in Irish, sor means "louse". This may be part of the reason why, as I've also since been reminded, the Irish phonetic spelling of "sir" features in Terence Dolan's A Dictionary of Hiberno-English, defined as follows: "a title of respect ...

[The_Irish_Times; Dublin,_IE; 2018-02-07]

Town-wide Spelling Bee winner announced

(Spelling Bee)

This is the second year the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society will co-sponsor The Connecticut Spelling Bee with The Hartford Courant. Noah Webster, the original American lexicographer responsible for publishing the 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language was born in ...

[West_Hartford_News; New_Haven,_CT,_US; 2018-02-07]

You've probably been pronouncing "PyeongChang" wrong

How do you pronounce “PyeongChang”?

Korean uses a different writing system than English, but the names of its cities can be written using the Roman alphabet. And based on the way "PyeongChang" is spelled in English, it looks like it should be read "Pyong-chang." But the Korean language includes sounds that aren't represented by English ...

[HelloGiggles; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-02-06]

Educationist Decries Poor Spelling, Grammar Among Students

The wrong usage of words and improper spellings among students at all levels of education in the country

Speaking at the 5th Scholars Quiz Primary Spelling Competition in Ota, Ogun State on Monday, Waniko attributed poor spelling skills as one of the ... to look seriously into the effect of incorrect spellings and wrong usage in the English language in order to redress the declining education outcomes.

[Independent_Newspapers_Limited; Ikeja,_NG; 2018-02-06]

Etymology gleanings for January 2018

Part 2

Our correspondent asked why oar (see the post for 17 January, 2018), or, and ore are spelled differently. Oar goes back to Old English ƒÅr (with long a). In Middle English, long a became, by a regular sound change, long o, but there were two ≈ç's in Middle English: closed (the continuation of Old Engl. ≈ç) ...

[OUP_Blog; Oxford,_UK; 2018-02-06]

Winners crowned at Ashland County Spelling Bee

(Spelling Bee)

These winners were crowned at Tuesday night's Ashland County Spelling Bee. ... Cacao: the five-letter word made Dalton the 6th grade champion for the 2018 Ashland County Spelling Bee. .... "I'm not surprised (they won)," said Sondra Hays, the 6th grade English teacher at Hillsdale Middle School.

[Richland_Source; Mansfield,_OH,_US; 2018-02-06]

Selinsgrove sixth-grader ready for the spotlight

(Spelling Bee)

Selinsgrove middle school student Emerson Dent Zobal, 11, said he'll be nervous, but well prepared for competing in WITF's Grand Championship Spelling Bee — with the winner qualifying for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The event is Feb. 24 at the WITF TV studio in Harrisburg.

[Sunbury_Daily_Item; Sunbury,_PA,_US; 2018-02-06]

Master that spelling: when to write '-el', '-le' or '-al' at the end of the word

We write ‘table’ NOT ‘tabel’; we also write ‘towel’ NOT ‘towle’; and write ‘local’ NOT ‘locle’.

English learners who master spellings know that we write 'table' NOT 'tabel'; we also write 'towel' NOT 'towle'; and write 'local' NOT 'locle'. The sound /el/ in English is one of the confusing sounds whose accurate corresponding letter(s) are uncertain. Sometimes it is represented by el, le or al in a word.

[The_New_Times; Kigali,_RW; 2018-02-06]

Many Food Names in English Come From Africa

Words English has taken from African languages

In the late 1500s, the Portuguese changed the word to inhame; the Spanish changed it to i√±ame. Its first usage in English was igname. By the mid-1600s, the English spelling had changed to y-a-m. And today, in Jamaican Patois — an English-based language with African influences — the word nyam still ...

[Voice_of_America; Washington,_DC,_US; 2018-02-06]

Should English spelling be simplified?

[audio] How is your spelling? Do you ever struggle with words like "definitely", "accommodation" and "embarrassed"? If so, you are not alone. The English Spelling Society is going to host an International Congress in the spring with the aim of choosing a new English spelling scheme. It says our current system, which has not been reformed since Shakespeare was writing, poses too many problems. Dan Damon heard more from Stephen Linstead of the English Spelling Society.

[BBC; London,_UK; 2018-02-05]

The case for ‘Columbia’: why misspelling ‘Colombia’ isn’t as ignorant as you think

In Colombia, it’s a common phenomenon to be corrected on how best to spell the name of this amazing country. But the practice has grown beyond grammar-nazis catching people unawares. It’s a movement, a meme and a T-shirt. Yet, despite the good intentions of those behind this cause, many native speakers of English continue to mistake ‘Columbia’ for the accepted spelling ‘Colombia’. As it turns out, the reasons for doing so are neither a lack of education nor a sign of disrespect. On the contrary, English speakers may in fact be justified in using ‘Columbia’ as an alternative spelling.

[Colombia_Focus; Medellin,_CO; 2018-02-05]

How many points is 'finsta' worth?

Urban Dictionary for Scrabble?

These kinds of words are no more or less "real" than anything else we say in our 21-year-old varieties—more formally referred to as idiolects—of English. I asked: should we not be able to play "bougie" or "ghosted" or "turnt," words that we type, say, spell, and use all the time, words that we all understand ...

[Columbia_Daily_Spectator; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-02-05]

Mill Creek Middle eighth-grader wins Catawba County Schools spelling bee

You never know what you might learn from television.

Mill Creek Middle’s Amare Rearden has seen enough commercials advertising medicine for colds and the flu so when he was asked to spell “influenza,” he wasn’t worried. He took a breath and spelled it correctly. It left the eighth-grader as the final student standing in the eighth round of the Catawba County Schools Spelling Bee. The entire family worked with Amare to prepare him for the bees this year.

[Hickory_Record; Hickory,_NC,_US; 2018-02-05]

Lautenschleger is spelling bee champ at Strasburg

(Spelling Bee)

Rachel Ripley, high school English teacher, was the pronouncer. Judges were Carisa Pryor and Samantha Raber, both middle school teachers, and Sarah Henry, elementary teacher. Lautenschleger will participate in The Repository Regional Grand Final Spelling Bee at 1:30 p.m. March 3 at the Glen ...

[New_Philadelphia_Times_Reporter; New_Philadelphia,_OH,_US; 2018-02-05]

Sakshi and Mukta shine at French Spell Bee contest

(Spelling Bee)

Mukta Vedpathak and Sakshi Kanade from class VIII of Vidya Pratishthan's English Medium School, Vidyanagari, Baramati were awarded a gold medal, a gift hamper as well as certificates at the 5th International French Spell Bee competition, held at C D Deshmukh auditorium, Delhi recently.

[The_Times_of_India; Mumbai,_IN; 2018-02-05]

Kanawha Spelling Bee winner has intense study routine ahead of regional contest

The Kanawha County spelling champ, Jonathan Bushay, will compete in the Gazette-Mail Regional Spelling Bee in March. He practices spelling and vocabulary for hours each week.

Jonathan is the Kanawha County Spelling Bee winner, who will go on to compete in the Gazette-Mail Regional Spelling Bee on March 3. The winner of the regional bee will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., this spring. He’s been studying for the spelling bee for weeks with his parents, Calvern and Monique Bushay, often spending several hours each night digging into his extensive list of words.

[Charleston_Gazette-Mail; Charleston,_WV,_US; 2018-02-02]

Henry County spelling bee champs move on to regionals

Ananya Augustine, a fourth grade student at Hickory Flat Charter Elementary, is the new spelling bee champion for Henry County Schools. According to Ananya, practice was the key to her success and this practice took many hours over the semester break and each night during the school week.

[South_Metro_Neighbor; Forest_Park,_GA,_US; 2018-02-01]

CF Middle School students spell for the top spot

In a battle of the brains (b-r-a-i-n-s, brains) Chippewa Falls Middle School students went head-to-head with the dictionary Thursday morning for the school round of the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee. After beating their peers in nine team rounds, 27 sixth through eighth grade students spelled words like produced, entrepreneurs, incessant, maline and fluorescent for the chance to be crowned spelling champion of their school.

[The_Chippewa_Herald; Chippewa_Falls,_WI,_US; 2018-02-01]

Educationist advises parents to assist children in developing spelling skill

An Educationist Mrs Oluwakemi Waniko, has advised parents to assist their children in developing proficiency in spelling. Waniko gave the advice at the 5th Scholars Quiz Primary Spelling Competition in Ota, Ogun State, an event the educationist said was born to reduce the rate of failure in English Language in Nigeria. She said the motive is to save children from the negative effect of technological advancement, which oftentimes has created addiction for abbreviation among children of nowadays. “It is pertinent that we take seriously the effect of incorrect spellings and wrong usage in order to reduce the mass failure in our education system today,” she said.

[The_Nation; Lagos,_NG; 2018-02-01]

Radio 5 Live

[audio at 2h42m] (interview with Jack Bovill, Chairman)

[BBC; London,_UK; 2018-01-31]

How do good readers and spellers think about words?

These new apps teach struggling children the essential skills.

Literacy expert Betsy Sewell and app developers Minty Hunter and Bek Farr have pooled their talents to produce a series of New Zealand accent apps to help struggling readers and spellers. “English is an alphabetic language,” explains Betsy, “which simply means the letters on the page represent the sounds of speech. It is very complex, with multiple ways of representing many speech sounds, but underneath this complexity there is a system that makes sense. Successful readers and spellers consciously or unconsciously figure it out.”

[Scoop; Wellington,_NZ; 2018-01-31]

'Tremendous' Speller: WMS 8th-grader wins county spelling bee

Abigail, 13, correctly spelled “charismatic” and “tremendous” to win the title of county spelling champ after the runner-up, Cass Middle School sixth-grader Justin Peace, misspelled his word. “I’m happy,” she said. “I was in this competition in fifth grade, and I finally got back to it.” The daughter of Micki and Joe Carlsen of Euharlee, Abigail said she didn’t do a lot of preparation for the bee. “On nights that I didn’t have much homework, I would go over some of the words, not too much at once,” she said. “Just kind of glanced over it the night before.” But her father begs to differ. “She prepared a lot more than she said she did,” he said, noting his daughter is “pretty humble” and “very quiet.” “She studied a lot.”

[The_Daily_Tribune_News; Cartersville,_GA,_US; 2018-01-31]

Learn English without hassles

Jolly Phonics shows the way

Christopher Jolly, a former teacher from London is a happy man now as ‘Jolly Phonics’ he co-propounded with two other teachers has spread globally beyond imagination. Mr. Jolly, Sue Lloyd, and Sara Wernham developed the concept in 1992 in London as they found children struggling to understand the complexities of English even in English-speaking countries.

[The_Hindu; Madras,_IN; 2018-01-31]

Noah Webster House, Hartford Courant To Host Statewide Spelling Bee March 10

Forty youngsters from across the state are expected to compete for the title of Connecticut Spelling Bee champ with the hopes of competing in the 91st annual Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. The Noah Webster House of Hartford and the Hartford Courant will host the statewide qualifying spelling bee on March 10 at 9:30 a.m. at the University of Saint Joseph’s Hoffman Auditorium, 1678 Asylum Ave., according to Noah Webster House public programs manager Sophie Huget.

[Hartford_Courant; Hartford,_CT,_US; 2018-01-30]

Poor Tutoring On Spellings Negatively Affecting Education Standard

“It is pertinent that we take seriously the effect of incorrect spellings and wrong usage in order to reduce the mass failure in our educational system today,’’ she said. Waniko also said that there was the need for more academic competitions that could help children boosts their performance in school “We want to see how we can help our children at this tender age to develop their spelling skills so as to improve the standard of education in the country,’’ she said.

[Leadership; Abuja,_FCT,_NG; 2018-01-30]

Pronouncer named for The Jersey Journal's 59th annual Hudson County Spelling Bee

When students from 54 schools take the stage Saturday at The Jersey Journal's 59th annual Hudson County Spelling Bee, they will be depending on one person to accurately pronounce the words they must spell. It's a tougher job than it sounds because a number of the words that will be used have foreign origins. The task is being entrusted to James Broderick.

[The_Jersey_Journal; Secaucus,_NJ,_US; 2018-01-30]

De Jesus is state spelling bee champ

“We actually ran out of words from this year’s spell list so we used another spelling list from two years ago and that’s how we were able to determine the winner,” said San Nicholas. She said the students were so passionate about the competition that they completely memorized the spell list they were given, resulting in the use of a spell list from a previous competition year.

[Saipan_Tribune; Garapan,_Saipan; 2018-01-29]

Taking on our spelling adversaries

[audio] English Professor Anne Curzan recently asked her students to pick the word that they would most like to respell. To do this, students created a tournament bracket and had to present arguments for the words they chose.

[Michigan_Radio; Ann_Arbor,_MI,_US; 2018-01-28]

Welsh spelling blunder sees Tesco withdraw Six Nations t-shirts

The supermarket giant has been left red faced after wrongly spelling a very famous Welsh rallying cry

Tesco has apologised after a Welsh spelling blunder saw staff hastily remove thousands of “Cymru am byth” t-shirt. The saying, synonymous with Welsh passion, translates as “Wales forever” in English but the supermarket giant plastered the phrase “Cymru am buth” instead.

[Daily_Post; Bryn_Eirias,_UK; 2018-01-27]

The difficulties of leaning (sic) English

In 2010, the city of Lino Lakes adopted a resolution that English was its official language. Although the nearby city of Lindström had a controversy when the state eliminated the umlaut (two dots) on their “o,” I doubted Lino Lakes was afraid of a Swedish onslaught. New Prague is too far away for them to worry about the Czechs. Perhaps they feared an influx of French from Lac qui Parle?

[Savage_Pacer; Savage,_MN,_US; 2018-01-27]

Lost in translation!

From dodgy tattoos to dangerous road signs, the comical blunders that prove even the smallest spelling mistake can lead to a VERY different meaning.

The English language can be difficult to master - and as these images prove, sometimes the smallest slip-up can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Now, an Instagram account has been created to share these comical mistakes from all over the world - and it's racked up thousands of followers.

[Daily_Mail; London,_UK; 2018-01-26]

Language has always evolved over time. Why can’t the internet teach us a new vocabulary?

In a new book, the copy chief at Buzzfeed argues for easing up on the rigidity of language.

In Internet Linguistics, in fact, David Crystal introduces the possibility that English spelling will shift to rid itself of unnecessary letters: “It may well be that Internet users, voting (as it were) with their fingers, will introduce simplifications of the kind the reform movement has so long desired, such as the dropping of silent letters” – for instance, “mnemonic” eventually being spelled acceptably as “nemonic”. And I am here 
for it. I mean, doesn’t “phlem” just look so much more pleasant?

[Scroll; Delhi,_IN; 2018-01-26]

Play On Words

I do not think that I could get command of the English language without it being my native tongue. I guess “redneck” vocabulary can be considered an offshoot of the King’s English. As an example, when I am around intellectuals like Dimwit Fitts, they do not understand terms like “busting a gut.” All of us hicks know that the term is a great description of straining to perform a task, which is exactly what I am doing now.

[The_LaFayette_Sun; LaFayette,_AL,_US; 2018-01-26]

Spelling Bee is more than just minding your P's and Q's

Spelling bees are a combination of smarts and stamina, not to mention a showcase of some rarely heard words (raillery, anyone?). But spelling bees also offer life lessons that are useful to everyone, even if you use spell-check on everything from formaldehyde to ichthyosaurus.

[Kenosha_News; Kenosha,_WI,_US; 2018-01-25]

A Cane Bay Middle Schooler and former English Language Learner is Berkeley County's top speller again

By the eighth round, only Brent and Nicholas Smith of Berkeley Middle School were left on stage, after sailing through words like "teriyaki," "elixir," "omnipotent" and "quell." Then Brent was asked to spell a word he wasn't sure he'd ever heard before, "baba," defined by Merriam-Webster as "a rich cake soaked in a rum and sugar syrup." He silently debated whether there were two "b's" in the middle or one.

[The_Post_and_Courier; Charleston,_SC,_US; 2018-01-25]

New to English, but 11-year-old 'information sponge' is nailing school spelling bee

Marios Al Bazi came to Newfoundland with mom and brother 2 years ago as refugees

Spelling words like fluorescent, paralysis, despondency and instantaneous might be a challenge for any native English speaker. But thanks to his drive to learn, and help from mentor Peter Jackson, Marios has quickly wrapped his head around words just like those.

[CBC_News; Toronto,_ON,_CA; 2018-01-24]

Phonetic combat: Students battle it out in districtwide bee

Twelve-year-old Prajwal Saokar, a seventh-grade student at Riverwatch Middle School, was the champion of Saturday’s Forsyth County Schools Spelling Bee

“They’ve just been amazing,” Tobin said, during a break halfway through the bee. “We’ve got a wonderful group of spellers this year.”

[Forsyth_County_News; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-01-24]

LASD's new English curriculum draws opponents, defenders

The Los Altos School District’s new English curriculum for its two junior high schools has drawn criticism from parents, but district officials defend the strategy-based system that allows students to choose their own reading materials.

[Los_Altos_Town_Crier; Los_Altos,_CA,_US; 2018-01-24]

Oak Hall seventh-grader wins spelling bee

Miller said her mom, dad and grandma helped her study. Her strategies included writing down the words and closing her eyes as she spelled them during the competition so she could visualize the words written on a page.

[The_Gainsville_Sun; Gainsville,_FL,_US; 2018-01-24]

Master that spelling forever: Drop or retain the last 'e' in a word

Such spelling changes do not just happen; there are spelling rules that govern last letter ‘e’ and if you master the rules you can never be confused again.

[The_New_Times; Kigali,_RW; 2018-01-24]

Kazakhstan: plans to adopt Latin-based alphabet sparks backlash

Following the presidential decree to adopt the alphabet with the apostrophe, Kazakh netizens launched a petition against it but with major online petition websites blocked in Kazakhstan the campaign gained little traction. However, perhaps in response to public indignation, authorities backtracked and said that the proposed alphabet wasn’t final and that it would be modified in due course.

[Equal_Times; Brussels,_BE; 2018-01-23]

Why can’t my son use apostrophes properly – is grammar still taught in English classes, a parent in Hong Kong asks

Few would deny that conventional spelling and grammar are being eroded with ‘text speak’ and short cuts used in social media, but good schools and teachers can still impart grammar lessons without sacrificing creativity

A Hong Kong parent writes: it really frustrates me that my Year Six son cannot use apostrophes correctly. The teaching of the English language appears very arbitrary these days, and it seems that instruction in the basic skills is being forgotten in the name of “creativity”.

[South_China_Morning_Post; Hong_Kong,_CN; 2018-01-23]

Allie Hand wins MHS spelling bee

“I did it last year, and I came in third, so I wanted to see if I could win it,” Hand, a sixth-grade student said. She plans to “study, study, study” in preparation for the countywide bee.

[The_Clanton_Advertiser; Clanton,_AL,_US; 2018-01-23]

Who says so?

Today, instead of focussing on fine grammar points, let’s talk about the larger picture

When we are refining our knowledge of English, we sometimes get frustrated and start asking, “Who makes all these complicated rules?”

[The_Hindu; Madras,_IN; 2018-01-23]

Classmate Spell Bee is back with its 10th season and taking Indian Schools by storm

The focus this year is to create a holistic educative experience for participants using a versatile mobile app and web based learning and practice solutions.

[The_Siasat_Daily; Hyderabad,_IN; 2018-01-23]

Don't blame yourself for mispronouncing "indict," blame the Renaissance

Don't feel embarrassed if you've ever mispronounced "indict" to sound more like "edict" or "verdict." Your only fault was the assumption that English always makes sense.

[Michigan_Radio; Ann_Arbor,_MI,_US; 2018-01-21]

Teaching Donald

A couple of months ago the TV displayed a document hand-written by Donald Trump that made me gasp. It was so full of spelling and punctuation mistakes that were typical only of a dyslexic writer, that I instantly saw what was causing his other behavioral oddities.

[The_Berkshire_Eagle; Pittsfield,_MA,_US; 2018-01-21]

English spelling, sense and meaning

Scientific Word Investigation — SWI — is having a profound effect on the education of a growing community of students and teachers. The premise of SWI is simple: children learning to read and write through instruction that accurately represents how their writing system works.

[Daily_American; Somerset,_PA,_US; 2018-01-19]

National Handwriting Day Is Coming

Is January 23 just another so what, like National ­Popcorn Day?

It was no fun writing lessons in cursive, and no better in the hybrid connected printing I developed in obedient defiance to the nuns’ complaints of my handwriting’s illegibility. My mother couldn’t read anything I wrote, either, which may be why she insisted I take typing in high school summer school. On my own, I signed up at the same public school to learn Chancery script, a pretty Renaissance cursive. I’ve used both skills throughout my life.

[Bay_Weekly; Annapolis,_MD,_US; 2018-01-18]

English is no longer a foreign language in NL, but it has a unique character here

Are the Dutch now native speakers of English, and is Dutch-English a distinctive thing? Deborah Nicholls-Lee meets linguistics expert Alison Edwards to find some answers.

Far from being inferior, Dutch-English is becoming the English of choice in some spheres. Research has shown, says Edwards, that incoming international students choose the Netherlands, not just because it is cheaper, but because they deem the English to be ‘easier’. ‘The Netherlands has become an English-speaking education destination,’ she says, much like Singapore in Asia.

[Dutch_News; Amsterdam,_NL; 2018-01-17]

49 county students qualify for Jan. 27 spelling bee

Representing 11 elementary and five middle schools, the contestants will take the Taylor Middle School auditorium stage at 10 a.m.

[Fauquier_Now; Warrenton,_VA,_US; 2018-01-17]

Los Lunas Middle School spellers reign at county bee

Los Lunas Middle School swept the Valencia County English Spelling bee, with Andrea Sasser, Diego Carrillo and Isabella Jolly in the top three spots. Sasser and Carrillo will go on to compete in the state spelling bee in March.

“It as a fun experience,” Sasser said of the bee. To prepare, she studied with her parents and looked up words and studied on her own time. With the statewide bee in the not-to-distant future, Sasser and Carrillo said they would be putting in extra time studying. “I need to really crack down on the words,” Carrillo said. “I didn’t study enough this time. I got lucky.”

[News-Bulletin; Belen,_NM,_US; 2018-01-17]

France's fight against new English words is 'totally stupid'

After the language police ordered the French to ditch smartphone and use "telephone multifonction" instead Camille Chevalier-Karfis, founder of the language site French Today says France's fight against new English words is "totally stupid". The French government seems determined to protect the French language at all costs. But what does “protecting the French language” really mean?

[The_Local; Stockholm,_SE; 2018-01-16]

The Misuse of "It's" Has Become Rampant, with No End in Sight

Anyway, the reason why I've dragged you to this dusty corner of Blogtown is to discuss the rampant misuse of "it's." (Talk about a buried lede!) If I had a dollar for every time I've seen someone use "it's" when he/she/they meant "its," I could buy the Washington Post from Jeff Bezos... and pay the Trump family's legal fees.

[The_Portland_Mercury; Portland,_OR,_US; 2018-01-16]

Necedah students advance in spelling bee

“Being able to showcase (skills) in things other than athletic competition allows for an even playing field,” Necedah Teacher Keith Crispell said. “It's great to see young minds develop, whether it's done with a creative platform like our upcoming 3rd-grade invention fair or the student demonstrating their command of the English language in what was one of the best spelling bees I've witnessed in a very long time.”

[Juneau_County_Star-Times; Mauston,_WI,_US; 2018-01-15]

Judge Orders Lawyer to Have English Teacher Review Work

Legal complaint filed in Florida was incomprehensible

A complaint filed on behalf of a housekeeping employee suing a hospital was just plain incomprehensible. Legalese wasn't the problem, however. The judge cited "nonsensical sentences," sentence fragments, grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc.

[Newser; Miami,_FL,_US; 2018-01-15]

Spelling, grammar errors abound in paper

But now we regularly see Herald articles that contain spelling errors, duplicate words, subject/verb agreement issues, and other problems our grade school English teachers labored so diligently to expunge from our writing.

[Durango_Herald; Durango,_CO,_US; 2018-01-13]

The Real Reason Some English Words Have Silent Letters

There are legitimate explanations for why words like pterodactyl and tsunami exist.

The English language is notorious for its use of silent letters, which is one of the reasons these are the hardest English words to pronounce. In fact, about 60 percent of English words contain a silent letter. But these often distressing words weren’t intended to be so confusing.

[Reader's_Digest; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-01-13]

The Most Complicated Word in English is Only Three Letters Long

Three little letters, 645 meanings

You might think it’s absurd (and maybe it is), but Oxford English Dictionary editors recently revealed that “run” has indeed become the single word with the most potential meanings in all of English, boasting no fewer than 645 different usage cases for the verb form alone.

[Reader's_Digest; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-01-13]

Battle of the words at 2018 District 32 Spelling Bee

The speller deemed winner today at the Gadsden Elementary School District 32 spelling bee was a 7th grade Southwest Junior High boy named, Sergio Moreno. He says he studied all the words given to him for two months straight, three hours everyday. His focus was to be number one and that he achieved today.

[KYMA; Yuma,_AZ,_US; 2018-01-12]

Trump Misspells Simple Words, Doesn't Read

Can He Qualify As a Genius?

President Donald Trump’s recent tweets insisting that he is, and has always been, a “very stable genius” have escalated the dialogue about whether or not that's true. Is there a way to prove that someone is or isn't a genius? Do spelling errors in Trump's tweets contradict his declaration?

[Newsweek; London,_UK; 2018-01-11]

Aussie kids from migrant backgrounds do better in English than their peers

My hunch is that Anglo-Australian kids are suffering from a whole bunch of negative linguistic influences which can be summed up as a general lack of vigilance or care about the state of the English language.

Australia’s literacy and numeracy testing for 2017 showed that children from non-English speaking migrant backgrounds across most states outdid their peers in English language proficiency, for whose parents it is the native tongue. Those from a language background other than English received markedly higher marks in reading, writing and spelling in almost all of the country’s states and territories.

[Study_International; Bristol,_UK; 2018-01-11]

Why It’s Right, Education Is Now Focusing On English

If one has to check thoroughly, surely some recent graduates, including those with university degrees, never had any mastery of the language at all. Some cannot construct a simple declarative sentence, either orally or in writing. They cannot spell common, everyday words. Punctuation is apparently no longer taught. Grammar is a complete mystery to many graduates.

[Fiji_Sun; Suva,_FJ; 2018-01-09]

Denison ISD gets first spelling bee winner

“I am a reading and language arts person,” Ashley Dorius said. “Words are my favorite. My favorite book is Harry Potter.” Denison ISD Director of Instruction Shonda Cannon said Ashley Dorius’ strategy of writing the words with her finger may have helped her win.

[Herald_Democrat; Fairport,_NY,_US; 2018-01-09]

The English words Spain begrudgingly added to its dictionary this year

Big changes to reading en español

The latest edition of Spain’s most prestigious dictionary has been released (link in Spanish). And it has a lot of English in it.

[Quartz; New_York,_NY,_US; 2018-01-09]

You're Probably Pronouncing These British Towns Incorrectly

In this week's Maphead, Ken Jennings explores towns with unexpected pronunciations

Most travelers to the U.K. (or buyers of fine condiments) are probably aware that Worcestershire isn't a four-syllable word with the "-shire" at the end, pronounced the way a Hobbit would; it's "WUSS-tur-shur." "Gloucester" and "Leicester" have the same silent "ces" syllable. In 2010, a coffee shop in Towcester displayed giant portraits of celebrities painted in Marmite on toasted bread—which is appropriate, since Towcester is pronounced, yes, "toaster."

[Condé_Nast_Traveller; London,_UK; 2018-01-08]

We should write words the way they are pronounced

In any language, pronunciation, not spelling, is the basic significance of words. For, while humanity has always spoken a language, writing was invented only very long after humanity had evolved. In practically all languages, indeed, spelling and pronunciation are identical. Only in the Western European languages of English and French do we find the strange phenomenon in which spelling and pronunciation clash heavily and gratingly.

[Daily_Nation; Nairobi,_KE; 2018-01-06]

Justine Greening unveils new drive to improve child literacy in England

Education secretary says schemes aim to ensure that ‘every child will get the best literacy teaching’

Phonics roadshows and English hubs are among a range of measures announced by the government in an attempt to improve child literacy. The programmes will form part of the drive to tackle inequality and ensure “every child will get the best literacy teaching”, the education secretary, Justine Greening, has said.

[The_Guardian; London,_UK; 2018-01-06]

Helensburgh head's 'back to basics' plea over pupils' spelling and grammar

HERMITAGE Academy’s head teacher says his profession needs to get “back to basics” by ensuring that pupils’ spelling and grammar is up to scratch. Robert Williamson told Helensburgh and Lomond councillors recently that he believed the focus of English teaching needed to move away from creativity and back to making sure pupils can get the basics of English right.

[Helensburgh_Advertiser; Glasgow,_UK; 2018-01-04]

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